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Teacher “Raps” for her 4th Grade Students

Mrs. Nielsen, a 4th grade teacher at Cedar View Elementary knows that it is difficult for many students to learn how to do long division.  To get her students fired up and excited to learn long division and have a little fun with it, Mrs. Nielsen showed them a YouTube video of a teacher doing the “long division rap.” After showing the video, Mrs. Nielsen told her class if everyone in the class learned how to do long division she would dress up as a “rapper” and sing the long division rap in front of the class.
“My class really must have wanted to see me make a fool of myself because I have never seen students work so hard to learn anything before!” said Mrs. Nielsen.
By the end of the unit, every single student in her class was able to pass the long division test. Mrs. Nielsen kept her promise and performed the “long division rap” in front of her class. The students really got a kick out of how many “takes” it took for her to get it right! Congratulations to Mrs. Nielsen’s 4th grade class! You proved that you can do anything you set your mind to!

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