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Snowmobile event canceled—again

The third time was not the charm for the Yankee Zephyr Promotions snowmobile racing event planned for last Saturday, February 17. Instead, it was the third year in a row that they had to cancel due to lack of snow. 

“I was so excited about it,” said race promoter Jimmy McHugh. “We had all that snow, and it was gone in 48 hours.”

McHugh noted that you’d think that in the middle of February, you wouldn’t have a problem with lack of snow. But he said that even if he had planned it in January, there was a thaw then, too.

McHugh said that while he will plan to do the race again next year, he would not plan an exact date. Instead, he will just look at the weather and probably decide the week before. “People will just need to watch the website and find out the Saturday before the event,” he said. 

You can find the website at yzrp.com. For more info, email info@yzrp.com.

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