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World War COVID-19

by Lois Allen, publisher

We are fighting a new world war being waged by an invisible enemy. You can’t see it, but it’s literally everywhere. And now it’s in Cedar Springs as well. You may feel like you are taking your life in your hands when you buy groceries or go to the dollar store. The sound of a cough strikes fear in your belly. Is it on the woman you came close to in the grocery store? Is it on the guy standing behind you at the gas station? Or is it on that button you push to get your fountain pop? Does it linger on that package from Amazon sitting on your front porch? Is it on the handle of the gas pump that dozens of people have used in the past 24 hours? The answer to all these questions might be yes. There have already been many casualties. And there will be more before it’s over. When will it be over? Nobody knows.

Our world has changed. Normal is not normal anymore. We’ve watched our television personalities and news anchors deliver their messages from their kitchens and living rooms with children occasionally popping up on the screen. Sometimes their pets will make an appearance, which I like. Speaking of pets, our pets are the only ones loving the family’s stay-at-home order and couldn’t be happier to get the constant company and attention. We should call this the year of the dog.

Now is the time for leaders to lead. To step up and make the hard decisions to keep their customers, students and employees safe. Not only are medical professionals on the front lines, those that get up and go to work at our essential businesses are taking a risk for themselves and their families as well. We applaud them. When doing business face to face, wear a scarf and wash your hands for their protection. Tell them, “Thank you for coming into work today to serve me.”

When we are allowed to return to the world at large, it will be forever different than the world we knew just a few months ago. This “war” will take down people. Some will live and others will die. And like people, it will take down businesses, both large and small that cannot withstand the loss of revenue their customers brought them.

The Cedar Springs Post is considered an essential business as a media occupation. We have a journalist on the beat. All but one of our employees have been working from home for the past three weeks. Our office is closed to the public. Surviving through thick and thin, mostly thin as of late with the advent of the internet, Facebook and other social media platforms, The Post has appeared at around 80 newsstands every week for over 30 years. We’ve never missed a week. Not even when the roof of the building next door blew off and landed on top of our building during a severe windstorm and we lost our power. If you are under 30, and from Cedar Springs, you probably can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a Cedar Springs Post. Free to the public, both in print and online, each issue comes to you courtesy of our sponsors. They pay the bills.

We have five employees that are excellent at their jobs. The very best of the best. I believe they put out one of the nicest local newspapers I’ve ever seen (or read). While there are shortages of toilet paper and other products disappearing from shelves faster than stores can stock them, there is no shortage of commercials, junk mail and advertising. However, not enough advertising is going into newspapers to cover expenses as advertisers pull their ads. We don’t sell newspapers; we sell ad space. The local newspaper may be another casualty of the corona virus. Cedar Springs without the Cedar Springs Post? It will be a different place.

With the bulk of our local businesses shut down, they are struggling as well. And like many small independent stores, salons and restaurants, we may soon be unable to make payroll, pay the printer and other expenses that go along with running a business.

We thank our advertisers that remain in the paper. They brought you another week of local news.

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