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Possible bear sighting in Cedar Springs

A bear and her cub were sighted in a field at the end of West Street last month.

By Judy Reed

The Post was alerted this week that there was a possible bear sighting early last month at the end of West Street.

According to Sally Hoornstra, she saw what she thinks was a mama bear and her cub in a field behind where the Wolverine Skyhawks fly their remote-control airplanes. It was on June 4, at about 8:57 p.m.

“It sure looked like a bear to me,” she said, and noted that she wasn’t going to get any closer.

Hoornstra said that was the first time she had seen it, and has not seen it since. She did not report it to the DNR but said she would in the future if she sees another bear.

The sighting was passed on to Victor Hansen, the owner of Display Pack, (which is near the site) last weekend, who passed it on to the Kent County Sheriff Department. The City then passed it on to the Post, to make people aware that there could be bears in the area.

According to Nick Kalejs, with the Muskegon State game area, he did not hear about the bear sighting, so couldn’t confirm it. But seeing one in Kent County isn’t as unusual as it used to be. “Twenty years ago, it would’ve been a real eye-opener,” said Kalejs, “but now it’s irregular.”

He said they know there are denning bears as close Newaygo County. “Reports are usually of young bears. They can wander quite aways from their den,” he said. “So it’s not so much a matter of them passing through as heading back north.”

Kalejs said that if you see a bear, back away slowly, stand tall, look large, and make noise. “Black bears are shy, and will usually head in the other direction,” he said.

He also noted that if you have bears near your home, try to get rid of food sources such as bird feeders and grills.

For more tips on what to do if you see a bear, watch this video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=AB5AS6BRuY8.

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Snowmobile races cancelled

This photo shows a previous snowmobile event. From the Michigan Winter Fest Facebook page.

This photo shows a previous snowmobile event. From the Michigan Winter Fest Facebook page.

While many residents are enjoying the warm, spring-like temperatures we have experienced over the last week, some of the area events have suffered. The 2017 Michigan Winter Fest “SNOW” extravaganza, which was to take place on West Street in Cedar Springs last weekend, February 17-18, was cancelled due to the lack of snow. The event, billed as Michigan’s largest snow festival, would’ve included snowmobile sno-cross, cross country, and drag racing. It is the second year in a row the event was cancelled due to weather.

Last weekend was also the DNR’s free ice fishing weekend. However, the ice was thin on most lakes, and there were 9-1-1 calls of ATV’s or people falling through the ice. Please be safe out there and stay off the ice!

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