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Wastewater spill at Cedarfield cleaned up quickly

By Judy Reed

A wastewater spill occurred at the Cedarfield 55-plus Community on 17 Mile Rd last week Thursday after a truck ran over their clean out area.

According to Gary Osborn, who works for Infrastructure Alternatives and oversees the operation of the wastewater treatment at Cedarfield, the spill occurred about 2 p.m. on October 3, when a truck delivering gravel drove over their clean out area and pushed a clean out pipe down and cracked a fitting on the force main. That then caused the release of an estimated 2,000 gallons or less of wastewater.

Osborn said that it occurred between the main lift station and the wastewater treatment plant, and the owner of the park was on scene and shut down the pumps on the main lift station right away. 

They brought in a tanker in to hold the wastewater in case the pipe couldn’t be repaired quickly but they didn’t need to use it. “The owner excavated the pipe and repaired it within the hour. Hydrated lime was then applied to the affected area. It was all repaired by 3 p.m.,” explained Osborn.

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