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Warning: Con artists using new tricks

State Police offers tips for avoiding scams 


The Michigan State Police reminds residents that scams can take many different forms. If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Or, more recently, there are threats of arrest if IRS bills aren’t taken care of.

Most scams involve obtaining a victim’s personal information under false pretenses. The scammer usually portrays a sense of urgency, pretending to be an official of a legitimate organization to fool a victim into providing personal information.

In a new twist, scammers are posing as MSP members advising that they will be arrested if they do not send an IRS payment over the phone by supplying vital personal information and credit card. A number of residents are advising that they have received such calls. The MSP and IRS will never contact you over your phone and demand payment, or threaten arrest if funds are not sent.

To avoid becoming a scam victim:

Do not give personal information to unknown callers.

Do not respond to unsolicited e-mails from unknown senders.

Confirm the identity of a contact by independently speaking with the identified source (your bank, Credit Card Company, government agency, etc.).

Use a reliable source, such as the phone book, to confirm the contact’s phone number or e-mail.

Report any suspicious contacts to police.


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