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US-131 project transitions to stage 2

The US-131 project from 14 Mile Road (M-57) to White Creek Avenue has reached the halfway point, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

The project transitioned to Stage 2 Wednesday morning, July 19, then implemented the split merge on northbound US-131 Wednesday afternoon. This will mirror the split merge that has been in place during the reconstruction of southbound US-131.

One lane of northbound US-131 will be maintained on the northbound roadway, and the other northbound lane will be shifted across the median onto the southbound roadway between 14 Mile Road and White Creek Avenue.

Also, the on and off ramps at northbound US-131 and 17 Mile Road (M-46) closed for reconstruction at 7 a.m. today (Thursday) through August 3.

When 17 Mile Road ramps are closed: 14 Mile Road, 22 Mile Road, White Creek Avenue and Algoma Avenue will be utilized for detours.

This reconstruction project will provide a brand-new pavement section for this corridor which will enhance drainage, improve ride quality and increase traffic flow along mainline and at ramp interchanges.

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