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Sparta Seniors help out Cedar Springs youth


Sparta Senior Neighbors Center is just a hop, skip and jump from Cedar Springs, and a neighbor to the west of Red Flannel town. So it’s not surprising that the Sparta Senior Neighbors have become cheerleaders to a Cedar Springs youth and his family.

This past spring, Jane Ringler, from Cedar Springs, accepted the position of center coordinator for the Sparta Senior Neighbors. Ringler’s sons attend Cedar Springs High School with Brison Ricker, who has recently been battling a rare brain tumor. Ringler started sharing Brison’s story and the Sparta seniors have been actively following Brison’s journey ever since.

The seniors wanted to take up a collection to assist with Brison’s needs. “Our hearts go out to this family,” said one senior.

“Senior citizens have been through so much over their own life journey,” commented Ringler. “Many have lost their spouses, children and grandchildren. They understand grief and rely upon their faith, as the Ricker family has been. I commend the seniors here, as so many are on limited incomes, yet want to help Brison with what they can.”

Receiving the last update on Brison’s treatment (that the tumor had shrunk to 1/3 of the size it was after alternative treatment) was cause for great celebration at the Senior Center. “We are witnessing a true miracle right before our eyes,” remarked Ringler. “Miracles really do happen. We hope that when Brison is strong enough, he and his family will pay us a visit here at the Sparta Senior Neighbors Center.”

If you are able to help the Ricker family with Brison’s astronomical medical expenses, please go to https://www.gofundme.com/brisonricker. Any amount will help them continue treatment.

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