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Howard City student contributes to art exhibit



MCC students Makenna Anderson, of Howard City, on left, and Sarah Rittersdorf, of Belding, will present some of their most recent pieces in the Montcalm Community College Winter Artists’ Market Art exhibit.

MCC art exhibit opens Nov. 20

Montcalm Community College presents its annual Winter Artists’ Market art exhibit and sale Nov. 20-21, Nov. 27-30 and Dec. 4-7.

The exhibit features artwork created by MCC students, the MCC Art Club and local artists for viewing and for sale. The event is from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Instruction North Building on MCC’s Sidney campus. Admission is free.

MCC students Makenna Anderson, of Howard City, and Sarah Rittersdorf, of Belding, are currently taking Introduction to Art with MCC Art Instructor Debbie Bell. 

“I never had a chance to take an art class in high school, so I figured now would be the best time to get a good underlying base for my art education before I head off to a university,” Anderson said.

Anderson is also in Drawing I with MCC Art Instructor Carolyn Johnson. 

“As the K-12 curriculum gets narrower due to budget cuts and continuous standardized testing, MCC can be the open door to quality higher education in the arts,” Johnson said. 

“As time goes on, I see more and more students like Makenna who have not had access to art classes before coming to MCC,” she added. “It’s sad to see gifted and motivated students denied opportunities, but how wonderful that we have MCC to be a leader in arts education for our community.”

Anderson and Rittersdorf both plan to create art for a living.

“Both student artists have had a passion for and interest in art prior to this class, but practice has helped them to see more and grow as artists,” Bell said.

“I want to be an artist for a living, so putting my pieces in this exhibit will be a good experience,” Rittersdorf said.

Anderson said the exhibit is also beneficial for the community.

“Art is such a wonderful thing,” Anderson added. “I think the exhibit is a great way for others to experience art created by those in our community.”

For more information about the exhibit, contact Johnson at cjohnson@montcalm.edu or (989) 328-1248. 

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