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Board of Review to hear Sand Lake Drain appeal

Apportionments total over $633,000 to taxpayers

By Judy Reed

The Post reported last week that the residents in the Village of Sand Lake and Nelson Township are not happy with the apportionments and fees set by Kent County Drain Commissioner Ken Yonker to upgrade the Sand Lake Drain, and now several landowners within the drainage district of the Sand Lake Drain have appealed it.

A Board of Review, appointed by the Kent County Probate Court, will meet virtually through Zoom, November 12, at 9 a.m. to hear the appeal.

According to a letter from Yonker, if the Board of Review finds error or inequality in the apportionments, the Board will be required to re-apportion the costs as they see fit, which could result in a change for everyone in the district.

While some may only pay a few hundred spread out over six years, others will have to pay much more.

“Some people are being assessed $20,000, $40,000 and more,” Nelson Township Supervisor Robyn Britton told the Post last week. She said she is heartsick for these residents. “People here live paycheck to paycheck. Many are farmers. People are going to lose their homes.”

One resident, Dean Wall, is being charged $135,000.

The apportionment is based on the amount of land a person owns and if they benefit from the drain being upgraded.

According to Yonker, they had inspected sinkholes in the yards of two neighbors, and the clay tile had collapsed. It is over 90 years old. They will be upgrading to a larger drain, one that will last 50 to 100 years.

All residents within the drainage district are urged to attend this virtual meeting through Zoom. The Zoom meeting ID is 876 7915 1375 and the password is 638458.

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