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Don’t get ingrained with “the way we always do it”


This upcoming election is an important one for the future of CSPS. I saw before someone made the comment that “Cedar Springs was the best kept secret” my first thought was really? Why? Maybe because our schools are falling apart? The driveways are awful? I honestly wasn’t exactly sure what was meant. I believe change isn’t always easy, and any community tends to get ingrained with the “way we always do it.”

I have been a community member and small business owner in Cedar for a number of years. I have grandkids in school, and I have volunteered on many occasions. Our community is very divided. I believe it’s time to let the past be the past and move forward. We aren’t all going to agree on the issues nor should we, but we need to find the positive, mutual ground and respect each other. We need to assess where we are, and rally behind our current administration and board.

I feel I have done my homework about the issues and candidates. Honesty and integrity are two important things anyone should embrace. These will make us as a community stronger.

I know there are new programs being implemented that have directly affected our kids positively. One I feel is extremely important and is saving lives! It’s good when we can talk about tough issues like suicide; be proactive and implement programs that have already saved lives because of intervention in just a couple months. No matter how you feel about the current administration or the board, it’s time to unite behind them and move forward.

I feel we have to ask the question—are we going to continue to build this great school district? Then we need to re-elect Joseph Marckini and elect Heidi Reed. They both act with integrity, have a tireless dedication and are champions for all our kids!

With a community that is united, working together for the kids, CSPS will shine and truly have a reason to be called “The best kept secret.” Let’s vote for our kids and vote Marckini and Reed!


Sally Petty 

Nelson Township 

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