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The last ride

Richard Gee

Did you see a long line of motorcycles and cars heading down Northland Drive on Saturday, July 3? If so, you witnessed Richard Gee, of Belding, taking his last ride.

A line of over 70 motorcycles and 18 cars escorted a motorcycle hearse that left Bliss Witter & Pike Funeral Home after the 55-year-old’s funeral service last Saturday and drove south on Northland to 15 Mile and then on several back roads to get to 18 Mile Road and back to the funeral home.

Father Lam of St. John Paull II Parish.

Father Lam from St John Paul II did the service and was one of the riders. “Richard gave him a ride on his bike a few years ago, so before the services, Father asked if he could start and rev up the bike in memory of Rich,” said Mary Thorrington, Gee’s sister. 

She added that Rich’s wife, children, siblings, cousins, and friends all joined in the last ride. Jason Herroon drove the hearse, which came from Simpson funeral home.

“He was a big Harley Davidson person, as well, and he saw the hearse a few times and always said if something happened, he wanted it to be part of his last ride,” explained Thorrington.

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