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Speaking the Truth In Love

Rev. Kim DeLong

Courtland Oakfield United Methodist Church

10295 Myers Lake Ave NE • Rockford, MI 49341


Our worship series for the month of August at Courtland Oakfield United Methodist Church is titled “…In Love.”  Given the public and political discourse lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and praying about what it means to “speak the truth in love.” In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians he tells us that speaking the truth in love means building each other up, and growing up ourselves into becoming the Body of Christ.

It reminds me of a wonderful woman of the church in which I grew up. Betsy was not outspoken, but when she did speak everyone listened. Her words were always wise and kind. When she offered critique, it was constructive; never tearing a person down, but offered in such a way that the person knew they were loved.

I’m grateful for Betsy’s example for how to speak the truth in love. I’m grateful for the wise words and helpful suggestions she offered. Her words and the manner in which she spoke let me and others know that she was cheering us on. What she said helped us grow, to become more mature in our actions and our own words.

People like Betsy give me hope that we really can be kind to one another, that there is a way to offer helpful comments or a differing opinion that doesn’t tear another person down even if those in the public and political arena continue to descend into harmful and hurtful speech. Mature persons who can speak the truth—and do it with care—offer us an example of how we might disagree without being disagreeable.  

Who has built you up either with their words or their actions? How can we use our words so that they contribute toward understanding each other rather than creating distance between us? We cannot control other people’s behavior but we can control our own. Let us begin by speaking with kindness and generosity even when we disagree, especially when we disagree. In doing so, we offer others the hope of a world that can build each other up, not tear each other down. 

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God’s Good Earth

Rev. Kim DeLong

Courtland-Oakfield United Methodist Church

10295 Myers Lake Ave N.E.

Rockford, MI  49341


I love the seasons in Michigan. Spring makes my heart sing. Watching brown grass turn green. Flowers poking green leaves up through snow, then suddenly blooming in a cacophony of color. Goldfinch feathers turning to bright yellow and robins pecking in the grass for worms. Chipmunks emerging from their long winter sleep to shinny up the poles of the birdfeeders and compete for the sunflower seeds. All of it is a wonder. 

So often we are in such a hurry. When it’s spring, we’re impatient for summer. When it’s summer, we’re anxious for cooler fall temperatures. Bare trees of autumn can make us eager for the pristine white of the first snowfall.

I encourage you to slow down and simply enjoy the good creation God continues to bring forth. Savor the sunshine. Listen to the rainfall. Watch the birds build their nests.  Be fully present in every moment of this amazing season.

Best of all, share the wonder of it all with a child if you have opportunity.  

Children are naturally curious. Cultivating wonder at a young age can create a lifetime attitude of care for God’s good earth. Consider helping a child grow a tomato or bush green bean plant in a container. Let them water it. Watch wide-eyed with them as flowers appear and tiny beans and tomatoes begin to grow.

God has created an amazing world. Let’s not rush past it or through the days that we have. Especially when life is tough, taking a few moments to gaze at the stars or watch the clouds float by can bring us to experiencing the presence of the God who loves all of the universe, including us. 


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