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City Hall Corner

Rental Registrations

One of the main tasks of local city government is to ensure the public’s safety. A major way the government helps to keep the public safe is to make sure that housing meets certain minimal safety requirements, especially rental housing. The City requires all rental dwelling units to be registered with the City in order to ensure that each rental unit is safe and clean for their tenant’s use. Registration of rental properties is an effective way to combat blight that affects the beauty of our neighborhoods. When a home is registered with the City, it provides the City good contact information for the owner or maintenance company so that they can respond to code violations or emergencies and it helps communicate the city’s rental requirements to the landlord, which ultimately benefits tenants and the community at large.

After registration with the City, the dwelling unit is inspected for heat, plumbing, ventilation, electricity, fire safety and general habitability according to the International Property Maintenance Code. Then, following inspection, the inspector will provide a report back to the landlord, which may require some maintenance before tenants would be allowed to live in that residence.

The City hopes that all landlords in the City have properly registered their rental properties with the City in order to help provide safe housing for their tenants. Tenants are encouraged to contact the City’s code enforcement officer to enquire whether their rental has been properly registered with the City.

Storm Drain Catch Basin Grate Cleaning

Cedar Springs’ streets have hundreds of catch basin grates scattered throughout the City. These grates are the entrance to the storm water drainage system, which removes rainwater from the streets and moves it out to the Cedar Springs creek on the west side of the City.  The City is very flat and has a hard enough time draining water, so having plugged catch basin grates only makes it harder.  The DPW staff clean out grates on a regular basis but they really appreciate the public’s help in maintaining them in good working condition. If you see a storm drain grate clogged up, please remove the litter or debris and get that drain working again and encourage your neighbors to help out as well.  “Adopting” your local storm drain grate is an easy way to help the DPW staff and promote the drainage of your street.

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