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Squirrel wins stare down with bald eagle

By Judy Reed

People across the world saw last week just how brave a little gray squirrel can be after a photographer in Maine caught on camera a tree top stare down between the squirrel and a bald eagle. 

Roger Stevens Jr. was on his way home from a fast food place in Lincoln, Maine, last week when he noticed the bald eagle atop tree behind the local Rite Aid store. He stopped to take some photos and realized it kept looking straight down at something. Then a gray squirrel popped into view. 

Stevens told the Bangor Daily News that the squirrel seemed more ornery than afraid, and over a 10-minute period it taunted the eagle, and stayed just outside of its reach. “That squirrel seemed to know just how close it could get to the eagle to really make him mad,” Stevens told the newspaper.

The scene played out like a game of whack-a-mole, with the squirrel popping in and out of a hole in the tree, or running up into the eagle’s face before retreating to the backside of the tree. The eagle finally decided the squirrel was too much trouble to catch and flew away in search of another meal. 

Stevens feels the squirrel may have been protecting a litter of young squirrels. 

He posted the photos he took to Facebook and they went viral in a matter of days, appearing online and in newscasts around the world. 

Stevens told the Post that he has written seven books about animals, and the eighth will be about eagles, with these photos included. You can find his books on Amazon, or contact him directly at mefocus@myfairpoint.net.

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