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Poke stop at the Post


N-PokemonGo-PokeStop-POSTN-PokemonGo-logoPokemon Go!—the new game for Android and iPhone users—has taken off like a wildfire across the nation since its release last week, even here in Cedar Springs. Kids and adults of all ages can be seen on streets and sidewalks in Cedar Springs looking for Pokemon. The Post has been a popular stopping site for those wandering the neighborhood, and we were told that we are one of several Poke Stops in the augmented reality game, which layers a digital word over the real one. Poke Stops are historical landmarks or other interesting local sites where you find free items—poke balls, potions, Pokemon eggs, and other items you need.

If you haven’t played Pokemon Go! yet, it will give you a good reason to get out and walk around and see what’s happening in your neighborhood.

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