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Cedar Springs man inducted into Hall of Fame

Dean Reyburn with his award.

A long-time piano technician and software designer has been inducted into the Piano Technicians Guild Hall of Fame.

Dean Reyburn, RPT (registered piano technician), received the honor during the recent PTG Convention in Lancaster, PA. Reyburn, a member of the association since 1978, is well known for his work designing the Reyburn CyberTuner, one of the piano industry’s leading electronic tuning device programs. He’s also widely respected for serving the PTG as a tuning examiner and advisor to the PTG’s Registered Piano Technician credential program.

He was honored with a standing ovation following the announcement. In addition to a plaque, he will also join the ”Wall of Fame” which features photos of all Hall of Fame inductees on display at the PTG Headquarters in Kansas City, KS.

“I was totally surprised and greatly honored to receive the PTG Hall of Fame award,” Reyburn said. “The Piano Technicians Guild has been a force for great good and improved standards in the music world since it’s inception in 1957. The PTG has greatly benefited piano tuner/technicians such as myself around the world, through education of piano techs and musicians and especially the RPT (Registered Piano Technician) certification. It has been my honor to be a part of the PTG for 40 years.”

Reyburn has lived in Cedar Springs since 1976. His dad was Larry Reyburn, a former police officer and farmer in the area. 

Reyburn graduated from Grand Ledge High School and then went to the Moody Bible Institute, where he took piano courses from 1975-1977. He then got into tuning pianos by ear. He joined the Piano Technicians Guild in 1978, and took the exam (by ear) to be a tuning examiner in 1990. Since then, he’s given a lot of exams to students looking to become a piano techician.

 In 1994-95, he developed the software for the Reyburn CyberTuner. “There just weren’t any good tuning devices out there,” he explained. “Hardware didn’t do a good job. That was my push.”

He said that the tuner helps train people to fix what they did wrong by ear, by helping them hear the note.

Although his software company makes the CyberTuner, Reyburn still feels it’s extremely important for them to be able to tune by ear. “If you don’t have the skills to tune by ear, how do you know it was tuned correctly?” he asked.

Reyburn said that if you need to someone to tune your piano and want to find someone in the area with the best expertise, visit ptg.org for a list of registered piano technicians in the area.

Congratulations, Dean!

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