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Pastor apologizes for denomination’s decision

The editor rejected the following “From the Pulpit” article because it didn’t offer “hope and healing” (the guidelines for that venue) to everyone. 

I want to apologize to the LGBTQIA+ community for the harm my denomination has caused you. You have likely seen the headlines regarding the United Methodist Church’s General Conference. The General Conference voted to affirm and strengthen the current language in our Book of Discipline which states that all persons are of “sacred worth,” but “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” 

Many United Methodists disagree with this decision, including me. I’m sorry that one more act of harm has been added to the mountain you have already endured. 

During Lent, the current Christian season we are celebrating, Christians strive for a deeper connection with God because we recognize that we are flawed human beings. Each one of us needs forgiveness and mercy and grace—so much grace.

The irony is that grace is the defining tenet of Methodist belief. We believe God’s grace pursues and surrounds us throughout our lives, and comes to us most profoundly in Jesus. Grace leads us to the reality of God’s love for us in Jesus. Grace convicts us of that reality, and grace grows our relationship with Jesus. Grace is available to each and every person.

So I’m sorry that General Conference voted to limit grace. Know many United Methodists are grieving this decision, and are working to find a solution.  Undoubtedly, our denomination will split. A significant number of United Methodists are working to birth a New Methodism which will offer grace to all persons.

Each and every person is beloved of God. None can earn God’s love. That’s called grace. May each and every one of you know that grace every day.

Rev. Kim DeLong

Courtland Oakfield United Methodist Church

10295 Myers Lake Ave N.E.

Rockford, MI  49341

Editor note: Rev. DeLong’s letter expresses her own personal opinion. She is not speaking on behalf of Courtland-Oakfield UMC.

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