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New recall petitions filed


New petitions were filed last Friday, January 10, with Kent County, to recall Cedar Springs City Councilors Patricia Troost and Ashley Bremmer.

Resident Mark Laws filed the new petitions after the language on two previous petitions was rejected at a clarity/factual hearing on December 31. Elections Director Susan deStiguer said that none of the three on the committee thought the petition held any facts.

A clarity/factual hearing has been set on the new petitions for January 29, at 8 a.m.

The new language (reason for recall) reads:

“1) On July 11, 2013 the city council motioned and supported to adjourn to a closed session and then adjourned. The Open Meetings Act 267, 15.267, 8A allows a closed session if the named person requests a closed hearing. No such request was made.

2) City council has a protocol in place requiring any change of import to be on agenda for public input and comment before it can be acted on by council in a following meeting. Former council member Merlington wrote this protocol. The new logo that was approved in November 2013 council meeting was not presented to the public for input or comments.”

The first reason applies to a council meeting where then Mayor Bob Truesdale was allegedly taken into closed session without asking for one and then verbally lambasted by other council members. The second reason has to do with the process of adopting the new logo.

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