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Students become World Changers


At Cedar View, many 4th grade classrooms are doing research papers about a person who is considered a “World Changer”.  Cedar View also has a goal this year about helping students become “better people”.  To join these two ideas, Mrs. Nielsen and Mrs. Strunk’s 4th-grade classes partnered with the NE Supper House. The NE Supper House is a ministry in Grand Rapids that serves dinner every Tuesday and Thursday night to less fortunate people in their community.  Students from both classes did chores to earn the total of $250.  The $250 paid for all of the food and drinks that were served at the NE Supper House.   Then on March 2nd, Mrs. Nielsen and Mrs. Strunk brought students to the NE Supper House.  Students were in charge of serving all the drinks and dinners and doing all of the clean-up afterward.  Mrs. Nielsen said “I’m very proud of all our students. They worked very hard to earn the money, and they served less fortunate people with a lot of pride and respect.  They are becoming World Changers at a very young age.”

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