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WMP wrestlers win medals, championship rings

Pictured is Brody Compau, champion of the 46 lb 7/8 division. Photo by B. Chong.

By Barbra Chong

West Michigan Pursuit had two grapplers travel to Bay County this weekend looking to earn the Monster Medals and Championship rings offered for 1st Place. Both Drew Moro, 64 lb 7/8 age group, and 85 lb Blake Peasley, 9/10 age group, went undefeated and claimed what they came for, each earning another Championship Title. Moro also earned the Most Valuable Wrestler award. 

WMP had 16 grapplers enter the Orchardview tournament and placed 14 in the top 5. Orchardview was also a “Greights” tournament which attracts several tough competitors from all over the state. Isaiah Sostenes, 80 lbs 9/10 age group finished 5th. 52 lb Tatianna Castillo, 7/8 age group finished 4th. 67 lb Evan Andrews, 9/10 age group; 95 lb Blake Hammer, 13/15 age group and 90 lb Isaiah Smith, 9/10 age group finished in 3rd. 71 lb Luke Egan, 9/10 age group; 55 lb Kaleb Pautke, 7/8 age group; 75 lb Tyler Parmeter, 9/10 age group; 64 lb Aaiden Vasquez, 7/8 age group; 59 lb Kellen Weckesser, 9/10 age group and 67 lb Kamden Witte, 9/10 age group finished in 2nd. Champions of the day are 67 lb Quinten Cassiday, 9/10 age group; 46 lb Brody Compau, 7/8 age group and 70 lb Josh Vasquez, 11/12 age group. 

“I see growth in each athlete every week,” said Head Coach Dave Andrus. “I love having them light up when moves they drill at practice provide the intended result during a live match! We are the Pursuit of Champions,” said Head Coach Dave Andrus.

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Youth wrestlers win Greights, Monster medals

Cedar Springs Youth wrestlers with their medals. Photo by Terry Troupe.


By Jacquie Troupe

On Sunday, January 14, CSYWC’s Maston Wood traveled to Orchard View. He joined 473 other contenders for the first MYWAY Greights tournament of the season. Powering through 3 matches in the 2003-04 170lb class, he brought home the custom Silver Greights medal in the shape of the West Region. The next Greights tournament will be held in the Detroit Metro Region on January 21st.  

The club also joined 33 other teams at the 2018 Central Montcalm Swarm Invitational. They took 1st place overall in Most Pins with 40 in 52.18, 1st place in Match Points with 466 and were ranked 10th with 67 wins, 57 losses. Coaches were kept busy by 38 grapplers fighting it out across 8 mats for the chance to go home with that 1st place Monster Medal. 

“It’s great to see all the kids hard work and dedication at practice turn into such great results at the tournaments. Our kids show tremendous sportsmanship and are a joy to coach,” said Coach Kevin Fitzgerald.   

In the 2011-13 division Ethan Trompen placed 3rd and Sierra Streeter placed 2nd in the 43lb class. Taylor Crystal placed 4th and Nolan Averill placed 3rd in the 46lb class. Jaxon Fitzgerald placed 2nd in the 61/64lb class. Ben Streeter placed 1st in the 67lb class.

In the 2009-10 division Elijah Elam placed 2nd in the 49lb class. Caden Troupe placed 3rd in the 55lb class. Tucker Crystal placed 1st in the 58lb class. Chasyn Winchel placed 1st in the 67lb class. Alex Hanes placed 4th in the 72lb class. Jon Libera placed 1st in the 82lb class. Zach Vu placed 2nd in the 112lb class.

In the 2007-08 division Austin Averill placed 1st in the 59lb class. Spencer Schoenborn placed 4th in the 63lb class. Deegan Pike placed 2nd in the 63lb class. Blake Falan placed 1st in the 71lb class. Rory Schoenborn placed 1st in the 80lb class. Gavyn Byxbe placed 2nd in the 85lb class. Hudson Crystal placed 1st in the 90lb class.

In the 2005-06 division Gabe Gair placed 3rd in the 112lb class. Wyatt Cooper placed 1st in the 158/183lb class. 

In the 2003-04 division Ashly Erxleben placed 4th in the 107lb class. Carter Falan placed 1st in the 114lb class. Logan Troupe placed 4th in the 122lb class.

Caden Troupe was 2nd overall in Most Pins in the Least Time with 5 in 5:05. Chasyn Winchel was 4th with 3 in 1:29. Jon Libera was 8th with 3 in 2:19. Hudson Crystal was 9th with 3 in 2:22. Alex Hanes was 30th with 2 in :54. Austin Averill was 33rd with 2 in 1:01. Tucker Crystal and Ben Streeter tied for 43rd with 2 in 1:44. Sierra Streeter was 55th with 2 in 2:34. Gavyn Byxbe was 66th with 2 in 3:20. Rory Schoenborn tied for 75th with 2 in 4:02. Taylor Crystal was 77th with 2 in 4:04. 

Ethan Trompen had the Fastest Pin for the team and 3rd fastest overall with :08. Jon Libera was 6th with :10. Alex Hanes was 8th with :11. Ben Streeter was 23rd with :20. Chasyn Winchel was 34th with :23. Austin Averill & Hudson Crystal were 41st with :25. Tucker Crystal was 61st with :32. Gavyn Byxbe was 69th with :34. Sierra Streeter was 85th with :39. Zach Vu was 94th with :42.

Hudson Crystal was 2nd overall in Most Team Points with 24.0, Rory Schoenborn was 10th with 23.5, Blake Falan was 11th with 23.0, Tucker Crystal was 12th with 22.0, Carter Falan was 19th with 21.0, Cade Troupe and Chasyn Winchel were 22nd with 20.0 and Deegan Pike was 59th with 15.5. Nolan Averill scored the Most Total Match Points for the team and was 6th overall with 41. Rory Schoenborn was 8th with 37, Sierra Streeter was 10th with 35, Carter Falan was 16th with 31, Deegan Pike was 23rd with 29, Cade Troupe was 45th with 23, Taylor Crystal was 58th with 20, Jon Libera was 71st with 18, Dawson Pike was 79th with 16, Tucker Crystal was 94th with 14 and Ashly Erxleben was 107th with 13. The team will be travelling to Ionia on January 21st. 

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