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Dog saves woman’s life

Julie Haff and Nickie, her little Dachsund.

Julie Haff and Nickie, her little Dachsund.

By Judy Reed


Man’s best friend can also be a woman’s best friend. Just ask Julie Haff.

Haff, 43, explained that she has a brain aneurysm, and anytime she hits that area of her head, she goes into a seizure, a kind of daze. Last month she was sitting on her front porch on N. Second Street in Cedar Springs when she got a phone call with some bad news.

“I wasn’t expecting it, and I sat back in the chair and hit my head on the corner of the house,” she explained.

Haff said she slumped sideways into a daze. Nickie, her little Dachsund, kept bumping and licking her, but Haff couldn’t move or feel anything. “The neighbors saw Nickie doing that and me not responding, so they came over and put me on the deck and called 911,” said Haff.

She said she was out for about 45 minutes with a mini stroke, and finally came to in the ambulance.

Haff said she’s had Nickie about two years, and she’s not surprised that Nickie would try to wake her up. “She’s a really caring and compassionate dog,” remarked Haff. “When we had kittens she even tried to nurse them.”

Haff said she’s grateful to Nickie, as well as her neighbors and family, who all helped to wake her up.


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