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October 10, 1992


Mom, we know you were there September 17th to witness the arrival of the wonderful gift we received, Miss Lila Ann Weidenfeller. We know you will be whispering in her ears and singing her lullabies, reading her bedtime stories as she’s slowing closing her eyes. We know you will be holding her hand as she learns to walk and listening to her with a smile on your face as she’s learning to talk. We all know you will be the BEST GREAT GRANDMA because you will never be far away. And we all will share our thoughts and memories with her every single day.


We love you.

We miss you.

Dad, kids, grand kids, & Lila

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Mary Jane Middleton

Oct. 10, 1992

We all have learned life is not what it seems. Nothing in this world lasts forever. Mom, sometimes it seems like you’re gone on vacation, until we walk into the house and can still feel the brokeness and so many years of lost time, so we continue to hold on to the memories. We know now, here is only our temporary home and we are just passing through. Someday we will all be reunited in our permanent place holding hands with you. And that is when our half empty glass will be full again.

We love you.
We miss you.
Dad, kids & grandkids

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