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A great achievement at TOPS

Donna Ripley

Donna Ripley has become a 10-year KOP (Keep OFF Pounds) member of TOPS. Donna has been a member of TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) in Sand Lake for 13 years. When she joined TOPS she went to her doctor to get a goal weight. In order to get to her goal weight she needed to lose 40 pounds. This took Donna three years. After 10 years she still maintains her goal weight. She said that having a weigh-in each week keeps her accountable and the many friends that she has made at TOPS have kept her on track.

Congratulations on a great achievement.

TOPS meets weekly on Tuesday mornings from 8:30-9:00 a.m. for weigh-ins followed by a meeting from 9-10. Everyone is welcome. If interested call Martha Bobb at 616-696-1039.

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Red Flannel Art Review winners announced

Doris Vinton's untitled entry.

Doris Vinton’s untitled entry.

The most popular vote getter in the first annual Red Flannel Art Review also took first place in the 2-dimensional juried category.

Doris Vinton’s untitled entry, hosted by B&B Beauty Salon, netted more popular votes than any other entry. Almost 600 votes were cast in the debut event. Winners of the contest were announced at the Craft Beer and Wine Tasting on Saturday, September 21.

Other winners included: first place, 3-Dimensional juried prize Amita Modzelewski, “Geschichte,” hosted by the Amish Warehouse; second place 3-Dimensional juried prize Steve Anderson, “Golumn,” hosted by Probst Floor Coverings; first place 2-dimensional juried prize Doris Vinton, untitled, hosted by B&B Beauty Salon; and second place 2-dimensional juried prize Martha Bobb, “The Old School House and its Memories,” hosted by The Curiosity Shoppe.


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TOPS member receives KOPS status

Congratulations to Martha Bobb, who lost 40 pounds and met her goal as a TOPS (Taking off pounds sensibly) member! Martha joined TOPS in 1985 and had many difficulties as she struggled to lose weight. One day, as she met the scales, her weight was at an all-time high. Shocked at what she saw, she knew it was time to take charge of her life and get busy doing what needed to be done.

Wanting a healthier path, Martha listened to the TOPS recommendations about food choices, started to  exercise, and with the help of her chapter, she took charge of her health. Her doctor helped her find the best weight for her age and size. With a new mindset, she was determined to exercise twice a week and turn to her TOPS friends for support when needed. The weight dropped off slowly, but steadily. Her neighbor, who is also a TOPS member, was very helpful when she became discouraged. Working together paid off.

Martha celebrated her success at her chapter, TOPS 1229 Sand Lake. In May, she will be honored at state recognition days, when she receives KOPS (keep off pounds sensibly) status.

Anyone interested in visiting TOPS can call Martha at 696-1039. They meet on Tuesday mornings at 9:15 a.m. at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Sand Lake. Feel free to arrive early, have a cup of coffee, and visit with members.

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