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West Michigan Blues Society Brings “The Blues” to Life at CTA

Local blues artist Jimmie Stagger and retired educator and musician David “Dr. Hamfat” Marin made a return trip to CTA on Friday, February 10 and once again “wowwed” our students with two assemblies, one for grades K-5 and one for grades 6-12.  “The wealth of historical knowledge of these gentlemen, combined with their love of the blues and expert musical performance, make this our most popular assembly of the year,” said School Leader Dan George.  “It also fits in with our classroom emphases this month on contributions made to America by African Americans.”

Marin and Stagger offer the program free of charge to area schools and their love for what they do is apparent to the students they teach.  They get all the students involved by singing and clapping to songs from blues artists including Brownie McGhee, Lead Belly, Charlie Patton, and B.B. King. Their slideshow includes historical photographs and biographical information on each artist.  The duo play a variety of instruments ranging from a homemade “Diddley Bow” and a cigar box guitar to a harmonica, a guitar made of steel, and a traditional 12 string guitar. CTA teachers received information in advance with lesson plans for art, creative writing, and history.

“Our kids love listening and participating with Mr. Stagger and Mr. Marin,” said Kyle Bohl, CTA Director of Student Services.  “We want them to come back as often as possible.”

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David Marin took this photo of mushrooms on his property, southeast of Cedar Springs, along a woodland lane.
“With the recent rains and cool nights, mushrooms are popping up everywhere around the woods,” said Marin. “I found this particular group of boletes unusual and engaging. Does it remind you of a dog with a litter of new pups? How about a mom trying to keep her kids out of the rain? A hen and chicks?
“Remember to be absolutely sure of their identity before you eat any wild mushrooms. This type of bolete would taste fine but would soon make you regret having eaten them!” he warned.
Send your wildlife or nature photos to news@cedarspringspost.com.

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Looking back

Cedar Springs 100 years ago

David Marin sent us this digital copy of an old postcard of downtown Cedar Springs that was hand colored. According to Marin, a friend told him the postcard was published in 1907. The picture can also be found in black and white on page 35, in the Cedar Springs Story, by Sue Harrison and Donna DeJonge, and the caption says it was taken before the turn of the century.

This photo could have been taken about 1900, because two important things happened in Cedar Springs in 1900: telephone service came to town (note the telephone poles) and the dirt roads in town were covered in crushed stone and the curbs were made from larger stones pushed into the dirt. That does not appear to have happened yet in this photo.

Do you have an old photo or postcard from Cedar Springs or the surrounding area you’d like to send us? Email it to news@cedarspringspost.com, or bring it in and we will scan it. Give us as much information as you can about the photo, and if we have room, it might make it in the paper!

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How native Michiganders deal with winter

rib cooker

Who cares if it’s 9 degrees outside? This morning it was only 1, and now the sun is shining; so let’s put some ribs in the smoker!
This photo was taken by David Marin east of Cedar Springs, in Nelson Township, last Saturday, January 8. Thanks so much, David, for sending us your winter photo!
Do you have a winter photo you’d like to submit? Send it to news@cedarspringspost.com, and put “winter photo” in the subject line.

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