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Man finds giant mushroom

Mike Cook, of Cedar Springs, found a huge mushroom this week, and he did it without his mushroom-hunting dog, Pugsly.

Cook came across this mushroom on an old oak tree on 17 Mile in Solon Township. He said the oak was probably 100 years old. He identified the mushroom as an oyster mushroom, and estimated that it weighs 50 pounds. But he’s not going to eat it; instead he’s going to dry it out and shellac it, he said.

In years past, the Post featured Cook’s dog, Pugsly, as the dog that hunts mushrooms. Cook would take him along, and when Pugsly would find a mushroom, he’d bark. But sadly, Pugsly died during surgery, and Cook said he’s now training a wiener dog to help him hunt mushrooms.

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