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Former educator publishes book of memories

Ray Kleefisch, of Rockford, donated a copy of his just published book “Living in high clover” to the Cedar Springs Public Library earlier this week. Kleefisch is shown here with librarian Donna Clark, in front of the flowing well in the Heart of Cedar Springs, behind the library. Photo by J. Reed.

By Judy Reed

Ray Kleefisch, a former teacher, assistant principal and coach at Cedar Springs Public Schools for 28 years, has just published a unique book that looks at Kleefisch’s life through the eyes, ears, and paws of his best friends–his dogs.

Kleefisch grew up in Lowell, Michigan. He attended Western Michigan University and the University of Virginia and went on to serve 28 years in the U.S. Army as active duty and reserves.

In his new book, “Living in high clover,” Kleefisch weaved his story around the most influential canines in his life—Skippy, Tippy, Puppy, Mandy, and Chester. From childhood to adulthood, those dogs were all there at important times in his life. The 42-page book from RoseDog Books is filled with photos and anecdotes of those moments—both happy and sad.

The Post asked Kleefisch what was his inspiration to write the book?

“I just wanted to leave a little history for my family and show that if you slow down a little bit and recognize the little miracles that happen every day, the little things often end up being significant,” he explained.

He wanted to use his dogs, because he always had a special bond with them. “One woman told me that all dogs are service dogs; some are just freelancing,” he remarked.

The title of the book, “Living in High Clover,” has a family connection. “My cousin has a farm in Parnell, and he’d say, ‘Look at those deer—they’re all living in high clover—going from one banquet to the next.’ He was upset they were eating his crops and having a great time.” He said his wife, Jan, who helped him with the book, adopted the saying for the dogs and used it as the title of the book.

Kleefisch said if any profits are generated from the book, he will donate them to an organization to help feed hungry kids in Cedar Springs.

To order a copy of the book, go online to http://rosedogbookstore.com/living-in-high-clover/; call 1-800-788-7654; or email bookorders@rosedogbooks.com.

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