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LIFE magazine Red Flannel photo 70th anniversary

 This photo appeared in a Red Flannel spread in LIFE magazine 70 years ago.

By Sue Harrison

On a cold November day in 1949, children in Cedar Springs households were getting dressed for school. This was a special day because Life Magazine was coming to Cedar Springs to do a feature on Red Flannel Days for their December issue. Children were asked to dress in red and when they got to school, and some students from each grade got to be in the “now famous” cover photo of the Life Magazine December 1949 issue.

Three lucky third grade girls were placed in the front row on the right end of the photo. They linked arms and the rest is history. Those three girls were Sue Grannis Harrison, Kathy Foley Ockert, and Sally Morris Fortuna. The photo was taken on the north steps of the Hilltop School before the north annex was built.

This year, 2019, is the 70th anniversary of that Life Magazine photo and those three women decided to reenact that photo at their recent 60th Class reunion on August 7, 2019.

Kathy Foley Ockert brought an original Life Magazine cover to the reunion and the girls had fun with the re-enactment and remembering that day many years before.

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LIFE magazine photo shoot

We recently printed some of the old photos from the LIFE magazine photo shoot of our own Red Flannel town taken in 1949, and Bill Pollock, grandson of Jack Pollock, who was featured as a photographer of school children in one of the photos, pointed us to some other photos in that same issue.
Please take a look at them, and see if you can recognize who anyone might be. If you know, please tell us! Who are the men sitting in front of the Post office? Who is the family with the bag of groceries? They are featured in several photos and are pictured with the police chief and lady in red coat and hat, who are they?
Send us an email at news@cedarspringspost.com, or  give us a call at (616) 696-3655.

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