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Cedar Springs Community Library is paid-in-full

Presenting the final check to Nugent builders is: back row, L to R: Bob Ellick, Chairperson, C.S. Library Board; Julie Wheeler, Independent Bank; Tom Mabie, community supporter; Claudia Mabie, community supporter; Duane McIntyre, Library-appointed Construction Supervisor; and Darla Falcon, City Finance Director, representing the City of Cedar Springs. In the front row, L to R: Louise King, C.S. Library Board; George Germain, Project Manger/Safety Director for Nugent Builders; and Donna Clark, Library Director.

The completion of the new Cedar Springs Community Library was a dream come true, and it came with a lot of hard work on the part of dozens of people. And now, the $1,845,190 project has been officially paid off.

“We are so excited to be able to announce that our community’s library building is now completely paid for,” said Library Director Donna Clark. “With a lot of substantial financial help and support of the Community Building Development Team, the Library Board’s Building Committee and the wonderful members of our community, we have no mortgage, no interest, no debt!”

Credit for this amazing accomplishment goes largely to the generous donations of money and/or time by local individuals, families, business professionals and artisans, some  donations over $30,000 apiece. Leading the way was local Cedar Springs graduate and builder, Duane McIntyre, who researched, developed and drew the initial library building plan, in seven different versions, over the last four years.  He then saw it through with the help of Kurt Mabie, Sue Wolfe and others from the Community Building Development Team, the Library Board’s Building Committee, City and Solon Township officials, several local community groups and organizations, Andrus Architecture and Nugent Builders, who subcontracted companies, many from the Cedar Springs area.

“Our fabulous, new building is drawing a lot of attention from area residents, greatly increasing the numbers of those coming in  and those checking out and ordering materials,” said Clark. There were 6,932 items checked out in June, up from the Library’s average of 2200. There were 1,048 people who attended Opening Day for the Library’s annual Summer Reading Program on June 12. Since then around 1,500 patrons of all ages from the Cedar Springs area have signed up for reading, prizes and fun.  She said there has been an average attendance of 230 – 300 people per day since the Library opened on May 8.

While the library building itself is paid off, there are still some outstanding needs. They include a an electronic, digital sign on Main Street identifying the building as the Cedar Springs Community Library.  “A conservative estimate for the sign is $14,000,” noted Clark. Other signs are also needed: a handicap parking sign (2), staff parking signs (2), do not enter (1), a sign identifying the drive-by as “one way book drop only,” all for $995. They also need additional security measures between $8,000 to $10,000; 10 round tables and 40-80 chairs; electronic tags to put in all library materials for security measures at around $7,000.

There is also a focus on selling the last of the $1,000 Retaining Wall Blocks. There are eight left of the 40 set in place on the north side of the Library. The brass plate inserts are presently being engraved by CS Tool Engineering, Inc. The last $8,000 will go to help build up the CBDT’s project budget to begin the amphitheater down by the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail and Cedar Creek. In August of this year a cement foundation will be laid for the amphitheater, with plans to hold a concert during the festivities of this year’s Red Flannel Festival to raise money to get it up as soon as funds allow. The $50 and $100 bricks are also still for sale. Stop by the Library for more information.

If you would like to give toward any of these projects, they will be pleased to hear from you.  In the meantime, CBDT groups are still meeting and are always trying to come up with ways and means to bring in funds to continue to Build the Heart of Cedar Springs, which will include a Community Building, and eventually a Recreational Center.

And if you haven’t been by to see the building yet, please stop in on Monday through Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. or on Saturday between 9:00 a.m. and noon. Visit online at cedarspringslibrary.org.

“We look forward to meeting all of you, and yes, your KDL card is good at your local, community library in Cedar Spring and in seven other counties in the WestMichigan area!” said Clark.

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