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CS Youth wrestlers battle at tournaments

CS youth wrestlers with their trophies and medals. Photo by J. Troupe.

CS youth wrestlers with their trophies and medals. Photo by J. Troupe.

By Jacquie Troupe

At the annual Lakeview Open Tournament, CSYWC had 12 kids compete with 269 other wrestlers. They finished the day 24-20.

In the 2010-2012 Open 40lb division Sierra Streeter placed 4th after 4 matches that had the crowd cheering her on every time. In the 43lb class, Dawson Pike placed 4th after 4 matches. In the combined 58/61lb division Jayce Karafa placed 4th & Ben Streeter placed 5th.

In the 2008-2009 Open 58lb division Deegan Pike placed 3rd after 5 matches. He had  3 pins in 2:41, 2nd fastest pin for the team with :16 and 9th over all in fastest total pin time.

In the 2006-2007 Open 75lb division Remington DeWeese placed 4th after 2 matches. In the 130lb division David DeWeese placed 1st after 2 matches. He also had the fastest pin of the day with :10! In the 150lb division Wyatt Cooper took 1st place after 2 matches. He had the third fastest pin of the day with :20!

At the annual GVSU Open & Novice tournament there were 637 wrestlers. CSYWC ended the day 13-26 but had some amazing pins.

Elijah Artecki placed 2nd in the 2006-2007 Novice 100lb division after 2 matches. Matthew Vaughn placed 3rd in the Open 110lb division after 3 matches. Ricco Artecki placed 4th in the 2004-2005 Novice 75lb division after 3 matches. Tommy Stevens placed 1st in the 2004-2005 Open 85lb division after 3 matches. Carter Falan placed 5th in the 105lb division after 4 matches. Logan Troupe placed 5th in the 100lb division.

Trevor Marsman placed 1st in the 2002-2003 Open 85lb division.

“While we didn’t have as many top place finishers, we had some of the best competition yet this year. Every loss is a learning experience that makes you a better wrestler. It is a pleasure to watch these kids wrestle every week,” said Coach Scott Marsman.

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