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CS Wrestling at Nuway Nationals

CS Youth Wrestling Club would like to commend Jon Libera and Deegan Pike for wrestling at the Nuway National competition in Lansing on Saturday, April 6. 

“The competition was phenomenal and both boys held their own against some of the best wrestlers I’ve seen all year,” said Coach Pike. “We’re so proud of these boys for going all the way this season!”

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CS Youth wrestlers place in Myway tournaments

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers with medals. Photo by Terry Troupe.

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers traveled to Ionia HS and to Henry Ford HS for Myway tournaments this past weekend.

According to Coach Pike, it was exciting to see how many new wrestlers are winning out on the mat. “We brought 43 wrestlers to Ionia. It’s been exciting to see the improvement in all the kids every week. From the newest wrestler to our most experienced, they are proving to themselves that working hard in practice gives them the edge they need to win out on the mat,” he said.

CSYWC finished the day 1st in number of Pins and total Match Points, 2nd in most Techs and their winning percentage was up 13 percent over last week, 102-59. 

Jon Libera headed to the Detroit/Metro Region to chase the Greights. His fastest pin for the day was 1:00 and he brought home the Silver medal in the 2009-10 77lb class.  

At Ionia HS, Conner Dines had the most pins for the team and was 5th overall with 4 in 4:17. Thomas Prins was 23rd with 3 in 3:16. Hudson Crystal was 52nd with 2 in :59. Ben Streeter was 67th with 2 in 1:33. Nolan Averill was 82nd with 2 in 2:02. Karsen Roelofs was 88th with 2 in 2:17. 

Mason Taylor had the fastest Tech for the team and was 3rd overall with 1:13. Karsen Roelofs was 13th with 2:09. Dillon VanDyke tied for 26th with 3:00. Deegan Pike was 40th with 3:47. Gavyn Byxbe was 41st with 3:50. The team was 2nd overall with 5 in 13:59.

Zach Vu celebrated his birthday and had the Fastest Pin for the team, tying for 1st overall, with :09! Dawson Pike and Thomas Prins tied for 18th with :15. Hudson Crystal tied for 23rd with :16. Taylor Crystal tied for 30th :18. Conner Dines tied for 48th with :22. Karsen Roelofs tied for 61st with :25. We were 1st place overall with 39 pins in 53:09.

Conner Dines scored the most Team Points overall tying for 1st with 25.0, Austin Averill and Spencer Schoenborn tied for 30th with 22.0, Deegan Pike was 25th with 21.5, Kaiden Dreyer tied for 47th with 21.0, Tucker Crystal and Thomas Prins tied for 59th with 20.0, Karsen Roelofs and Dillon VanDyke tied for 77th with 19.5, Nolan Averill tied for 83rd with 19.0, Hudson Crystal and Gabe Gair tied for 92nd with 18.0.

Tucker Dines tied for 14th in overall single Match Points with 18, Dillon VanDyke tied for 19th with 17. Sierra Streeter, Karsen Roelofs, Gavyn Byxbe, Deegan Pike & Mason Taylor tied for 43rd with 16. John Elam and Nolan Averill tied for 67th with 15. Taylor Crystal tied for 96th with 14. The team scored 690 match points for the day. 

In the 2011-13 age group our 4th place finishers were Mason Taylor & Dawson Pike.  Placing 3rd were Sierra Streeter and Jaxon Fitzgerald. Finishing 2nd were Taylor Crystal, Karsen Roelofs, Nolan Averill, Dillon VanDyke. Congratulations goes to Ben Streeter on his 1st place Championship!

In the 2009-10 age group Tucker Dines placed 3rd. Placing 2nd were Cameron Ellison and Chasyn Winchel. Congratulations to our 1st place Champions Zach Vu and Tucker Crystal!

In the 2007-08 divisions placing 3rd was Rory Schoenborn. Our 2nd place finishers were Deegan Pike, Kaiden Dreyer and Gavyn Byxbe. Congratulations to our 1st place Champions Austin Averill, Spencer Schoenborn, Conner Dines, Thomas Prins and Hudson Crystal!

In the 2005-06 age groups Jack Sherburn placed 3rd and Gabe Gair took the 1st place Championship in the 112/119lb class!

In the 2003-04 divisions Joey Meade and Logan Troupe brought home 4th place medals. Bringing home 3rd place was Carter Falan. Maston Wood brought home the 2nd place medal in the 170lb class.

Next week the team travels to Zeeland East for a team duals tournament; Big Rapids to chase the Greights medal; and West Ottawa for the West Region competition.

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CS Youth wrestlers win medals

Cedar Springs Youth wrestlers show off their medals. Photo courtesy of Terry Troupe.

By Jacquie Troupe

CSYWC traveled to Grandville HS Sunday January 7th to compete in the first MYWAY Open and Novice tournament of the new year in the West Region. 

We brought 26 grapplers to compete alongside 630 others. Five wrestlers competed for the first time this season and two—Kaiden Dreyer and Joseph Reynhout—competed in their first ever matches. The team finished 6th in Most Pins with 21 in 30:45, and 10th in Total Match Points with 279, ending the day 44-48. 

According to Coach Scott Marsman, the kids came back from Christmas break and wrestled with a lot of determination and heart. “We are all very proud of how they handle themselves on and off the mat,” he said. “We are looking forward to a very exciting year with them.”

Spencer Schoenborn topped the day off taking 1st in Most Pins in the Least Time with 5 pins in 7:44. Zach Vu had 3 in 2:55 taking the 27th spot, Rory Schoenborn was 38th with 3 in 5:27, Blake Falan was 57th with 2 in :48, Alex Hanes took the 70th spot with 2 in 1:23.

Carter Falan had the Fastest Tech for the team and was 21st overall with 2:52.

Zach Vu had the 4th overall fastest pin for the day with :09! His second fastest pin was :17, tying for 21st. Blake Falan tied for 33rd with :20, Rory Schoenborn was 39th with :22 and Alex Hanes had the 100th fastest with :34.

Spencer Schoenborn scored the most team points with 22, tying for 29th overall. Carter Falan had 21.5, Zach Vu had 20, Alex Hanes scored 15 and Rory Shoenborn scored 14.

Karsen Roelofs scored the most single match points for the team with 18-11th overall (35 points for the day), Kaiden Dreyer (31 total) and Carter Falan (24 total) tied for 55th with 15 points.

Taking the 4th place medals was Jaxon Fitzgerald, Rory Schoenborn, Blake Falan, Gavyn Byxbe and Gabe Gair. Finishing 3rd was Brycen Alber, Alex Hanes and Spencer Schoenborn. 2nd place medalists were Ben Streeter and Maston Wood. Our 1st place Champions were Zach Vu, Jon Libera and Carter Falan. 

Next week the team will compete at Kent City and Central Montcalm.

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