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Warning: Beware of IRS phone scam


The Michigan State Police (MSP) Rockford Post has received complaints of an IRS phone scam in the area.

The MSP would like to remind residents that scams take many different forms, including impersonating authorities and government officials.

Most scams involve obtaining a victim’s personal information under false pretenses. The scammer usually portrays a sense of urgency, pretending to be an official of a legitimate organization to fool a victim into providing personal information or sending money.

In a scam hitting the Rockford area, scammers are calling citizens claiming they work for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and telling them they owe the IRS additional money. The caller threatens that if the debt is not paid immediately, an arrest warrant will be issued.

State Police confirm this call is a scam. The IRS never contacts citizens by telephone, instead relying on official notification by mail.

Below are some tips to use to avoid becoming a scam victim:

  • Do not give personal information to unknown callers.
  • Do not respond to unsolicited emails from unknown senders.
  • Confirm the identity of a contact by calling back and independently speaking with the identified source (your bank, credit card company, government agency, etc.).
  • Use a reliable source, such as a phone book, to confirm the contact’s phone number or email.
  • Report any suspicious contacts to police.


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