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Dogs must wear hunter orange

New guidelines issued by the state last week specified that while dogs can now legally carry a firearm during their own special hunting season, they must wear hunter orange—just like their human counterparts.

“What’s the use in that?” asked one angry dog owner. “Dogs aren’t going to see the orange anyway. Don’t they only see in black and white?”

The state authorized dogs to hunt small game last fall, after several packs of canines picketed the state capitol, carrying signs that said, “Dogs have the right to bear arms” and “Dogs are people, too.” The one that convinced authorities, however, said “Friends don’t let friends hunt duck (without a license).”

“We just thought it was time to give dogs a chance,” said one state senator, who asked not be named. “We all know they like to go hunting with their owners, and now they have their own special season. Besides, by the time you add up the money we can make on them buying a hunting license, a barking permit, a firearm permit, and us getting a cut of the hunter orange sales, the state could be raking in some serious puppy chow.”

A group of cats lobbied against giving dogs the right to hunt. “Anyone who chases his own tail is a serious threat to society,” said a spokesman for the felines. “Give them a gun and soon it will be open season on cats. Nine lives go pretty fast.”

If you have a dog that wants to take advantage of this special hunting season, get him ready now because the new hunting season for dogs starts April 1—April Fools Day!

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Hunter orange clothing a good choice for everyone

Michigan DNR stresses importance of safety for everyone

Hunting season is well underway in Michigan and now is a good time to remind everyone that it is wise to wear hunter orange clothing when you are out enjoying the state’s trails and forest lands. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources does not close trails or pathways during hunting season, and it is legal to hunt throughout these areas if you adhere to the laws regarding safety zones.
It is required by law that hunters wear “hunter orange.”  There is no similar law for recreationalists, but because so much of state land borders private lands and the DNR allows hunting on portions of state-owned land, it is imperative that individuals take precaution and dress themselves and their pets in brightly colored clothing.
“Due to the very popular activity of deer hunting, now is not an advisable time to take a quiet, unassuming walk in the woods,” says Bill O’Neill, field coordinator for the Forest Management Division of the DNR. “Be smart about where you choose to go, wear brightly colored clothing and let hunters know that you are in the area. We must all work together to have a safe and successful hunting season in Michigan.”

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