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Police seek info on home invasion

N-Stolen-property-webThe Howard City Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance on a home invasion that occurred Tuesday, February 4, in Reynolds Township.

The crime occurred in the 11000 block of N. Whitefish Road. Police said that the suspect(s) forced entry by breaking a hole through an outside wall and into the interior of the residence. A shallow well pump and water pressure tank was disassembled from the plumbing and stolen. It is possible the suspect(s) used a snowmobile to reach the seasonal home.

Anyone with information about this larceny or the stolen items should contact Howard City Police Department at 231-937-4311.

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Keep sidewalks and hydrants clear of snow

Homeowners should keep fire hydrants clear and sidewalks shoveled. Photo courtesy of Howard City Police Department.

Homeowners should keep fire hydrants clear and sidewalks shoveled. Photo courtesy of Howard City Police Department.

We received messages from both the City of Cedar Springs and Howard City Police asking for people to keep sidewalks and hydrants clear of snow.

The City of Cedar Springs has an ordinance that requires homeowners and businesses to keep the sidewalks in front of their homes clear of snow and ice. If it happens during the day, the person has 12 hours after it stops to remove it, and if it happens overnight, they have until 6 p.m. the next day.

“The City could clear it and charge for it, or write a ticket if they chose to,” explained City Manager Thad Taylor. “But we haven’t wanted to do that with the harsh weather conditions we’ve had,” he explained, noting the amount of snow and below zero temps. “We understand that the weather has been brutal, but now that the temperature is climbing back up, we just need people to voluntarily take care of it.”

Taylor noted that the main reason for the ordinance is for safety reasons. Besides the obvious issue of slipping and falling, Taylor pointed out that if sidewalks aren’t clear, pedestrians must walk on the street. “If pedestrians and drivers are vying for the same space on the road, bad things could happen,” he said.

He also pointed out that there are some places where there is bone dry concrete. “A lot of people are taking care of it and we truly appreciate homeowners and business owners who are keeping their sidewalks clear,” said Taylor.

Fire hydrants also need to be clear of ice and snow, to help local firefighters in case of an emergency.




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Semi driver ticketed in accident


N-Crash2-Howard-CityHoward City Police said that a semi truck driver pulled out in front of an oncoming car Monday, causing an accident.

According to Howard City Police Chief Steve DeWitt, the accident occurred about 7:30 a.m. Monday, December 2, on M-46 near Edgar Rd., in front of the M-46 Truck Stop. The police investigation showed that a 2014 Freight liner semi truck and trailer driven by a 51-year-old Levering, Michigan man pulled out of the truck stop and was attempting to turn westbound onto M-46 and turned into the path of an eastbound Buick Regal driven by a 44-year-old Morley man.

The Buick reportedly struck the rear axle of the semi trailer causing the dual axles of the trailer to be ripped off and the trailer dropped to the ground.
The Buick suffered severe frontend damage and its driver had to be extricated from the vehicle. He was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The driver of the semi truck was cited for fail to yield the right of way.

M-46 was shut down to traffic for nearly three hours.

Howard City Police was assisted at the scene by the Montcalm Co. Sheriff Department, the Michigan State Police Commercial Motor Carrier division, Montcalm County EMS, and the Howard City Fire Department.


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Man sentenced for sending explicit text messages

Jeffrey Silvey

Jeffrey Silvey

A Howard City Police investigation has helped put a sexual predator from out-of-state behind bars.

According to Howard City Police Chief Steve DeWitt, they received a complaint from a township resident in January 2012 that her underage daughter was receiving explicit text messages from an unknown subject. Messages were over 100-200 in number. He said the messages were aggressive and sexual in nature, with the suspect attempting to gather personal information from the victim and photos.

“It is believed the suspect obtained personal information of the girl from a social media website to initiate the contact,” explained DeWitt.

The Howard City Police began an in-depth investigation that crossed state lines and led to a suspect in Bowling Green, Missouri. A search warrant executed by HCPD revealed evidence leading to the suspect.

Working in conjunction with the Bowling Green Police Department, a suspect was identified and arrested. DeWitt said other out of state Police Departments also received similar complaints.

The man, Jeffrey Glen Silvey, 33, pled guilty Monday to felony harassment last month for sending sexually provocative messages to an underage girl for just over a year. He was sentenced to three years in prison. He is also awaiting trial on charges in a separate case—six counts of child molestation and two counts of sexual misconduct for alleged sexual acts with a 10-year-old girl.

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Police search for suspects in school vandalism

N-Break-in-school1The Michigan State Police in Lakeview and the Howard City Police Department are jointly working on a breaking and entering of the McNaughton Elementary school earlier this week.

MacNaughton Elementary, 415 Cedar St., in Howard City, was broken into  sometime between 8 pm Monday evening, May 27, and 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, May 28.

N-Break-in-school2Police said the suspect(s) did an extensive amount of damage to the interior of the school, causing officials to cancel school Tuesday. Many windows were smashed and individual rooms and a large number of computers were vandalized.

Last week there were reportedly two larcenies at the school and Howard City Police Chief Steve DeWitt said they may be related. Last week a very large stuffed animal “Moose” approximately 3 ft tall, and a smaller stuffed bear, was taken. Two cases of soft drinks were also taken.

If you or someone you know has information on last week’s thefts and/or this weeks breaking and entering, please contact the Howard City Police immediately at 231-937-4311. Information can remain confidential.

“Someone has information that will be useful,” said DeWitt. “We need your assistance in solving this crime against your school and your students.”


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Beware of people asking for money

Howard City Police sent out an alert to residents Monday about some suspicious incidents last week, where a couple approached businesses or individuals and asked for money.

According to Howard City Police Chief Steve DeWitt, the incidents occurred at least three times last week. Each time, a couple asked for money to “fix the heater in their truck.” He said one incident was near a dollar store in Howard City, after the suspects observed the caller at the ATM machine. In the second incident, they went into a local business with the same story, and the third time was at the truck Stop on M46.

Two different vehicles are reportedly involved. One is a dark blue or royal blue late 80s or early 90s Ford Ranger (maybe a S-10) pickup truck with a topper. The second is a red, early 90s Jeep Cherokee. License plates on both vehicles were covered in snow.
In all three incidents, the couple asking for money included a female in her early 20s and a male subject. On a third occasion, a second male was also in the vehicle.

The couple may have also been doing the same thing here in Cedar Springs. After we posted this alert on our Facebook page, a reader said he had also seen this couple at Family Fare, with the Ford Ranger. They told him they were from Mount Pleasant. When they asked for money, he sent them inside to use the phone.

DeWitt said he thinks he knows who the people are, and they are not from Mount Pleasant, but Howard City. “It is not illegal to panhandle for money, however the activities are suspicious and we would like to speak to the subjects involved,” he explained.

He had some advice for people doing their banking outside. “Use common sense when at ATMs. Keep your doors locked, pull your vehicle tight to the building, and be aware of your surroundings, wherever you are.”

Cedar Springs Police Chief Roger Parent said that with the new state law allowing panhandling, there is not much police can do. “If they are on private property, a business would need to call us with a complaint for us to tell them to leave,” he explained.

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Missing three-year-old found

A three-year-old Montcalm County girl was missing for three hours Monday before being found by police.

According to Howard City Police Chief Steven DeWitt, the Howard City Police Department was dispatched to an area in the 11,000 block of North Federal Hwy, in Reynolds Township on Monday, March 21, on a report of a 3-year-old missing girl, in a heavily wooded area. The child had wandered away from a guardian while going for a walk in the woods near the residence, and had been missing for about an hour.

A telephone alert system was used to automatically notify persons in the surrounding area of the missing child, and an Amber alert was issued to alert the general public.

The Michigan State Police, Montcalm County Sheriff Department and the Mecosta Co. Sheriff Department assisted Howard City Police. Over a dozen police officers were at the scene assisting in the search.

At one point, helicopters from the Michigan State Police and the U.S. Coast Guard were requested for assistance, as well as K-9 “Rock” tracking unit from the Michigan State Police Ionia Post, and tracking dogs from the Mid Michigan Working dogs volunteer organization.

The child was located by utilizing a K9 unit and searchers calling out her name. The child responded and was found behind a distant tree.

She was found about one mile from the residence, after wandering through a heavily wooded, swampy area. The child appeared to have crossed a stream at one point and was found soaking wet.

The victim was transported to a local hospital to be treated for exposure by  Montcalm County Ambulance. The victim appeared otherwise ok and told searchers that she “was lost” and “looking for home.”

The case remains open pending investigation.

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