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No burn permits being issued

The Cedar Springs Fire Department is not issuing any burn permits until we receive a significant amount of rain, according to Fire Chief Marty Fraser.
The Michigan DNR issued a red flag warning last week due to dry conditions, and the Fire Department has stopped issuing permits until further notice.
The U.S. Drought Monitor shows southern Lower Michigan is “abnormally dry” right now. Triple digit temperatures and a high heat index is making this the hottest period of weather we’ve experienced since 1936.

Bill O’Neill, acting chief of the DNR’s Forest Resources Division, reminds residents that consumer fireworks that explode or fly into the air, when improperly used, are the cause of many wildfires each year. “Be aware that fireworks will easily ignite grass or wooded areas and should only be lit in areas free of vegetation,” he said.

If seeking a burn permit, please call your local fire department.

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