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We’ve been “Hawked!”


This was the sight when we arrived at the office last Thursday morning, August 2. Post photo by J. Reed.

By Judy Reed

Have you seen the red flamingoes (or are they hawks) gracing the yards of your neighbors recently? They might be coming to your yard soon, too!

The Post was one of several places in the area that was recently “hawked.” Accompanying the hawks was a note explaining that the red flamingoes (painted red like a hawk) is a fundraiser for the Cedar Springs Senior All-Night Party. The hawks will be in your yard for 24 hours and will then be picked up. For a minimum $10 donation, you can specify where they will go next. For $20, you can buy insurance that guarantees they won’t show back up in your yard. You put the money in the envelope, along with the slip that specifies where they go next, and you are all set.

What a fun way to help out the Senior All-Night Party so that our kids are guaranteed a great evening. We hope that you can soon say you’ve been hawked, too!

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