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Act of kindness shines at Easter

Kerri Mayo, of the City of Cedar Springs, was happily surprised last weekend when her 8-year-old daughter received a letter in the mail from the Easter Bunny.

“I wanted to share a shining moment that happened over Easter weekend, which brightened a little girl’s day and kept the magic of childhood flourishing for just a while longer in her imagination,” she told the Post. 

Mayo said that last week her 8-year-old daughter Cassidy wrote a note to the Easter Bunny, put it into a small, pink envelope, and addressed it to “Easter Bunny, Bunny Lane.” As an afterthought, she scrawled her name and address at the bottom of the envelope. “Just in case,” Cassidy told her.

She then dropped it into her mailbox, without a stamp, for the postal carrier to pick up.

Mayo said that sometime Saturday a reply appeared. “It was on thick, white cardstock, and penned in a beautiful dark pink,” said Mayo. “There were tiny colored eggs drawn at top and bottom in a rainbow of sparkly inks. There was even a small bunny footprint next to the signature.” 

How the letter she sent made it to the Easter Bunny is a mystery, though. “You see, she’d addressed it Bunny Lane, but the return address on the reply said Bunny Trail,” explained Mayo.“I can only speculate that our wonderful post office staff spotted her mistake in the address, and corrected it for her to make sure her letter got to its destination. What a wonderful thing for them to do!” she said.

The girl was happy to receive the letter, and mom was delighted to see her daughter happy.

“Their efforts went above and beyond the requirements of their jobs, and for that this mom is truly thankful,” she said.

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