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Students build plant stands for elderly

Trevor Marshall (left) and Matthew Maxwell (right) constructed plant stands for residents at Green Acres recently.

Container gardening is gaining in popularity, and one group of people who really benefits from it are the elderly. Bending and kneeling are hard on everyone, but older people tend to lose that mobility as they age. Two students here in Cedar Springs have done something to help seniors enjoy the art of gardening, even if they can’t get down on the ground.

Men of Honor students Matthew Maxwell and Trevor Marshall recently built 11 plant stands for the elderly at Green Acres Assisted Living Facility. The residents will be able to plant fresh fruits and vegetables using their walkers and wheelchairs. Way to go, Matthew and Trevor!

Men and Ladies of Honor is a Christian character-building club for 6th-8th grade young men and young ladies. It focuses on building qualities such as integrity, honesty, perseverance, chivalry, compassion, leadership and more. For more info contact rrbadge@hotmail.com.

The two boys with Men of Honor leader Randy Badge. Courtesy photos.

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