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CBDT to seek matching grant for amphitheatre

The Community Building Development Team held a concert last weekend to celebrate the next phase of the “Heart of Cedar Springs” and to update residents on the status of the project.

Now that the library has been completed, they will be working on the amphitheatre, towards the back of the city’s property on W. Maple Street. According to the CBDT, approximately $50,000 is needed to complete the stage portion of the amphitheatre by fall. Efforts have begun to secure a matching $50,000 grant to  make residents’ dollars more valuable to this effort. Watch for more details in the Post, or you can go to their website www.cscommunitycenter.org to donate if you wish.

CBDT plans for the “Heart of Cedar Springs”

The CBDT held their Grand Gala in the spring, which raised $39,000. They said that a grand total of $2.5 million, which includes money, land, services and products, has been donated over the last three years from the community toward building the “Heart of Cedar Springs” projects.

Some of their accomplishments include:

  • Additional land was purchased by the CBDT and donated to the City, enlarging the public park area known as the “Heart of Cedar Springs” located on the north west corner of Main & Maple Streets along with other land.
  • Tests and permits were acquired from the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality, and other state and local agencies.
  • A detailed long-term site plan was created for the “Heart of Cedar Springs” area.
  • Success in routing the North Country Trail (longest walking trail in the United States) through Cedar Springs with efforts nearing completion to name Cedar Springs a North Country Trail Town.
  • A state-of-the-art $ 1.8 million Cedar Springs Community Library was built and is paid in full.
  • A beautifully custom-designed metal sculpture was placed along Cedar Creek which will be surrounded by a rain garden and learning station of the plants and vegetation.
  • A new bridge linking the properties on the north and south sides of Cedar Creek was built to replicate the original Carmody Bridge from the 1800s.
  • A clock tower was built and erected which will eventually include a memorial for Veterans.
  • Preliminary designs for an amphitheatre, community building, and walking trails have been completed.

If you’d like to be  more involved, or just keep up on what is happening, you can attend one of their meetings. The CBDT meets in the new library on the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. There will not be a meeting in December.

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CBDT Grand Gala a huge success

Photo by Heather Ross

Photo by Heather Ross

Saturday, April 15, marked the date of the second Community Building Development Team (CBDT) Grand Gala. The event, which packed the American Legion to capacity, was titled “Celebrating a Great Beginning.” Kurt Mabie and Nick Andres, CBDT board members, served as host speakers for the evening, presenting their personal and factual summary of the community’s new facilities and enhancements over the last couple years. The new Cedar Springs Community Library, scheduled to open its doors on Monday, May 8, with a Grand Opening Saturday, May 13, was at the top of the celebratory moments. A new library has been on the hearts of many for over 25 years.

Mabie read a note from Karen Andersen-Meier outlining how she may not live here now but her heart will always be in Cedar Springs. She also added she believed her parents in Heaven, Neils and Edna Andersen, both avid readers and users of the library, would be smiling from ear to ear. Mabie cited not only the Andersens, but many folks such as Mike and Alice Holton and Ronny Merlington, who aren’t here today but had faithfully worked for this new library.

“They and many others helped pave the way to bring about this library. Now it is our generation’s turn to keep things going for future generations to enjoy,” explained Mabie. “The library, additional park properties along Cedar Creek, a metal sculpture, walking bridge, and clock tower are just the beginning of some of the enhancements planned for the area now called The Heart of Cedar Springs.”

Andres pointed out $118,000 had been donated directly to the library by a long list of individuals, organizations, and businesses in just the past 18 months. This, in addition to over $650,000 previously raised by the library and the $1.14 million raised by the CBDT, allowed for the paid-in-full completion of the library. “This is a significant amount of money from a small community given for the purpose of enhanced public facilities,” explained Andres.

Mabie pointed out the significance of gaining a partnership with the North Country Trail (NCT) officials who agreed to reroute the trail through Cedar Springs and connect with Algoma Township. The North Country trail is the longest walking path in America. Cedar Springs will be working toward “Trail Town” status in the near future.

“The CBDT’s purpose has always been to support existing organizations and governmental entities in achieving their goals. It brings us all great joy to see folks working together within our community and helping each other make Cedar Springs an even better place to live, work, and play,” explained Mabie.

Many groups have become reenergized and are moving forward. The Downtown Development Authority is reviewing ways to enhance the downtown area, the Fire and Rescue Department has blueprints for a new facility, and the American Legion is working on a Veteran’s Memorial around the clock tower and/or at the existing Veteran’s Memorial area west of Main Street to mention only a few.

The CBDT’s Phase I still includes an amphitheatre, board walk, Veteran’s Memorial, additional walking bridge over the creek, and rain gardens/learning stations. Depending on funds that come available, it is hoped these projects can be completed by this fall. Phase II would focus on a Community Center with opportunities for community gatherings and celebrations for up to 500 people. Phase III includes a Community Recreation center and rustic campsite along the White Pine Trail. A three-year pledge card was distributed to gala attendees for those wishing to support the CBDT’s future projects. To date, almost $35,000 has been pledged.

The CBDT meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the new Community Library gathering room. More information is available on the CBDT website of CSCommunityCenter.org, Facebook page of Cedar Springs Community Building Development Team or contact Sue Wolfe 696.2246.

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