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Replace, don’t erase the personal property tax

From The Cedar Springs Public Library


Governor Snyder and some legislators are proposing an additional $1.3 billion tax cut for Michigan businesses by eliminating something called the Personal Property Tax (PPT), a tax paid only by businesses. This tax funds local government activities such as police, fire and libraries.   $30 million of this goes to public libraries statewide with 3.8 million collectively to the Lakeland Library Cooperative’s forty-one libraries.

From 2000 to 2011 state aid to public libraries has been reduced by 76 percent from $15 million to $5.4 million. Last year the libraries in the Lakeland Library Cooperative collectively lost $668,066 in the removal of Renaissance Zone exemption funds.

Losing this additional PPT money will result in reductions to library hours, new collection purchases, curtailing library services and, in some instances, libraries will close in the eight-county Lakeland area.

The library community is not opposed to eliminating the PPT, but a full replacement of these funds is necessary to maintain current levels of service. Libraries are urging citizens to contact their legislators to ask for a guaranteed full replacement of the personal property tax if it is repealed.

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