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Chargers Making a Difference

Lightning Bugs: Middle School students Anna Grdjan, Jayda Schreiber, Ana VanHarten and Morgan Vogler.

On Feb. 10, four representatives from CTA’s Lightning Bugs (formally Girl Talk, currently in its fourth year), volunteered at Solon Township Hall for the Annual Spaghetti Dinner. The girls: Ana VanHarten (6 th Grade), Jayda Schreiber (6 th Grade), Morgan Vogler (6 th Grade), and Anna Grdjan (7 th Grade), along with teacher leader, Ms. Liscombe, helped set up for the event, serve food, pass out baked goods for the dessert auction, and clean up afterward. “The girls had a great time serving the community and cannot wait to help out again next year,” shared Liscombe. All money raised goes towards the development of Velzy Park.

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Bursting Drama Bubbles

Girl Talk: Seventh grade student, Alyssa Shelagowski, bursts a “drama bubble”.

Girl Talk: Seventh grade student, Alyssa Shelagowski, bursts a “drama bubble”.

Girl Talk is a little more than half way through its third year as an after school club. The group meets 2-3 times per month throughout the school year. They’ve explored topics such as purpose, getting involved in the community, facing depression, exploring personal values, and dismissing drama – just to name a few.

When the girls meet, they do different activities, games, or just as the name implies – talk.

During the dismissing drama meeting this year, things got messy but oh so fun! The girls blew up balloons filling them with confetti and glitter, drew or wrote representations of their drama on the outside and then took turns bursting their drama bubbles. It proved to be a very therapeutic session!

The girls are still planning service projects for the spring.

A few ladies will be involved on February 11 with Solon Township’s Velzey Park Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser and they are hoping to get involved with the new library and other community events.

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