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Students illustrate and publish their own book


book cover

book cover

April’s Baby 

Students at Beach Elementary illustrated and published a book about April the giraffe.

Students at Beach Elementary illustrated and published a book about April the giraffe.

Second and third grade students at Beach Elementary School in Cedar Springs celebrated March is Reading Month c by illustrating and publishing a book about the internet sensation, April the Giraffe. This project, titled “April’s Baby” was the brainchild of visual art teacher Vicki Burke, after overhearing her students talking about April the Giraffe.

“When I saw the fascination the students had for the giraffe April, I just knew I had to turn this interest into a lesson,” explained Burke.

Thirty-one students, affectionately dubbed “Team April,” volunteered their drawing talents for a short story titled “April’s Baby,” which Ms. Burke penned and graphically designed. Although the project began in March, the actual publication was delayed until the celebrity giraffe delivered her calf.

“The students were onboard from the very beginning and were so excited about the entire process,” Ms Burke explained. “This lesson became much more than an art or literacy lesson; it also taught the importance of the stewardship of our world, its resources and animals, and stressed the selfless act of volunteering and giving.” All proceeds from the book will go to Giraffe Conservation Foundation and Animal Adventure Park, whose live web feed of their Giraffe April inspired this project.

This book is illustrated by children for children, however adults will find it enjoyable as well. Ms. Burke added, “If you followed the adventures of April, as so many of us did, you will appreciate the inside jokes and funny references to the giraffe watching experience.”

You can purchase your very own copy of “April’s Baby” from Amazon in soft cover or ebook formats.

From Createspace (softcover):  www.createspace.com/7057351

Kindle e-book: www.amazon.com and search for April’s Baby.

For more information please contact Vicki Burke at vicki.burke@csredhawks.org or 616-696-0350 ext. 6021.

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