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Rockin’ Red Hats take home two trophies


The Rockin’ Red Hats of Cedar Springs float entry was awarded the first place trophy in the non-profit category as well as the “Queen’s Choice” trophy in this year’s Red Flannel parade.

N-Red-Hats2-float-backA cold  and rainy afternoon did not dampen the spirits of the riders on our float: Front row: Bea Singleton, Nicki Male (who provided the new Ford pickup and her daughter who safely  pulled us down the parade route), Jeanice Goltz. Second row: Lila Bowman, Routh Boughton. Third row: Sandy Johnson, Karen Forbes. Back row: Jayne Bowman, Margaret Martin.

Thanks to all members of the Rockin’ Red Hats Chapter of the Red Hat Society for their support of each other and those who worked on the 3D portrayal of the official festival logo and float décor. Thanks to Richard Martin for all he did for us. Special thanks to Darwin and Joanne Armstrong, and Ron Silverman, for their generous donations of western gear to outfit or float.

Paid for by the Rockin’ Red Hat Society.

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Museum happy with Red Flannel showing

Pictured left is the 2014 Cedar Springs Museum float.

Pictured left is the 2014 Cedar Springs Museum float.


Sharon Jett, of the The Cedar Springs Historical Society, is giving a big thumbs up for all the volunteers that helped on Red Flannel Day, and is excited about all the people that visited the Cedar Springs Museum in Morley Park.

“Many hours were spent to get it (the float) just right to match the Red Flannel Theme this year,” said Jett. “Over 800 flowers were made and attached to the float. All work and material was furnished by the museum volunteers. We are so proud to be a part of our home town of Cedar Springs.”

The museum was open all Red Flannel Day, and Jett said they had between two and three hundred visitors going through and showing much interest.

The museum welcomes visitors every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and for many special programs. Arrangements to open any other day, except Sunday, can be made by calling 616-835-0809.

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