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A tornado in Cedar Springs?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? A large ice cream cone falling from the sky? No—it definitely looks like a tornado above the Post. Warm windy weather brought rain, lightning, and thunder to Cedar Springs Wednesday evening, and mother nature dropped this little gem from the sky. “I can’t believe it,” said one onlooker. “The last time we saw one of those here was in the 1970s. It must be something special to bring it this far.”
The tornado did a funny little dance as it lit on the roof, then began changing colors. “It’s like a disco ball!” someone shouted, as it turned green, then red, then pink.
We’ve heard of storms dropping frogs from the sky, but what happened next, still amazes us. The tornado hovered over the front lawn and shot pink flamingoes into our yard! “We’ve never seen anything like it,” said local weatherman Ollie Williams. Ollie had predicted earlier in the day that “It’s gon’ rain.”
Once it dropped the pink flamingoes, the tornado dissipated, leaving no trace of its presence except the flamingoes. “I guess we’ve been flocked!” said publisher Lois Allen.
We hope to have it cleaned up by April Fools Day!

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