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Cedar Springs man releases new children’s books


By Judy Reed

A Nelson Township man has overcome a life-threatening illness and a disabling accident to become one of the area’s newest children’s book authors.

John LaFontsee, 46, has signed on with Five Count Publishing for a series of books featuring the character Daredevil Dylan, a character he created while telling stories to his son, Dylan.

LaFontsee has lived in Cedar Springs for 18 years with his wife, Lisa. They have two children, Holly, 20, and Dylan, 12. LaFontsee recently explained how he came to write the Daredevil Dylan series.

“In 2002 I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and was told I had less than 6 months to live, but with meds and diet I became stable and started living a somewhat normal life again. But in 2009, tragedy hit us again, when I was struck by an automobile and became permanently disabled and now forced to use a wheelchair. Over the years I felt a little depressed because there was not much I could physically do anymore like restoring cars, which I loved, or even hunting out back on our property. In all this time I would always make up and tell my son silly bedtime stories every night before bed. My wife and son loved them so much they convinced me to start writing them down, so I did.”

He went on to explain that after writing a couple of books, he showed them to his good friend, Ray Bentley, a former football player for the Buffalo Bills, and also a children’s author. He liked the books, and connected LaFontsee with his sons, Ritch and Jake, who run Five Count Publishing. Ritch lives in Gowen. 

The series follows Dylan, who is the neighborhood stunt kid. He is always pulling off cool tricks and stunts for all of his buddies. His best friend, Bullseye Billy, helps him set up all his spectacles and acts as his manager. Together, the two boys create quite a fun and exciting team.

The first book in the series is called Daredevil Dylan and the Snapping Turtle Pond Jump. It was released earlier this year. The latest two, released in May, are The Soap Box Car Race and Tricks or Treats. Each book tells a story, then has the reader go back and search for various items in the illustrations, which are created by Samantha Wells.

For more information or to order, visit https://www.fivecountpub.com/daredevildylan. Kindle and Nook copies are also available.

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