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Man charged with homicide in shooting

Jensen was arraigned on six felony charges in the shooting death of John Mast, of Stanwood.

The man suspected of killing another man outside of a bar/restaurant in Morley Saturday evening was arraigned Monday.

Randall Robert Jensen, 48, was arraigned in Mecosta County’s 77th District Court on October 22 and formally charged with six felonies. Count 1: Homicide – Open Murder; Count 2: Weapons – Felony Firearms; Count 3: Assault with a dangerous weapon; Count 4: Weapons – Felony Firearms; Count 5: Assault with a dangerous weapon; Count 6: Weapons – Felony Firearms.  Jensen is being held in the Mecosta County Jail without bond pending further court action.

Police circulated this photo when looking for the suspect after the shooting.

According to the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office, the shooting occurred on Saturday, October, 20, at about 11:00 p,m, outside of a bar/restaurant in the village of Morley.  John Mast, 47, of Stanwood, was shot multiple times resulting in his death.  

The shooter, idenitifed as Randall Robert Jensen, 48, of Stanwood, fled the scene but was taken into custody on Sunday without incident. 


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Woman charged in husband’s death

Martin and Glenna Duram

Martin and Glenna Duram

It took over a year, but Glenna Duram, 48, was arrested and arraigned last week in Newaygo County’s 78th District Court for the murder of her husband, Martin Duram, 45. She has been charged with first degree homicide and felony firearms for the crime, which took place in Ensley Township, in May 2015.

According to the original police report, firefighters responded to a garage fire on 128th Street, near Balsam, on Wednesday, May 13, 2015. A neighbor reportedly asked firefighters to check on some neighbors, and when they did, they found a man and a woman inside the home, and apparently deceased.

Troopers from the Michigan State Police Hart Post responded to the scene, and after making the scene safe, determined that the woman, Glenna Duram, was seriously injured, but still breathing. She had two gunshot wounds to the head. Martin Duram reportedly had been shot five times. Glenna was transported to the hospital.

On the following day, when Martin’s three children (from a previous marriage) were going through things in the house, they found a manila envelope with suicide letters written to Glenna’s children and ex-husband. They said she was sorry, but didn’t admit to killing Martin.

According to Martin’s ex-wife, Christina Keller, Martin and Glenna were married in 2005. She said that after a few years of them being married, Martin’s health began to decline, due to a car accident he had in 1995. She said that Glenna became his caregiver in 2010, and began managing all of the money and the bills. About two weeks before the murder, a family member called Martin and told him that his house was in the paper in foreclosure, and was to be auctioned off. He reportedly got a copy of the paper and showed it to Glenna, who said it was a misprint and that she would call the paper. However, papers reportedly strewn around at the scene of the crime showed it was indeed going to be put up for auction. According to MLive.com, the family’s estate attorney reported that the auction was to take place May 13, the same day firefighters discovered the Durams. It was estimated that payments had not been made in a year.

Keller told the Post she does not think that Martin knew his house was in foreclosure. “Six or seven months prior he had just built a very nice deck on the back of that house, and a few months before that he had had a nice man cave with all his mounts built as an addition to his garage. Just two days before he was killed, he was painting his bathroom ceiling, so nothing tells us that Marty knew his house was in foreclosure, and everything points to her trying to keep this a secret,” she said.

Keller added that Martin had surgery in February, and another surgery for a hernia on April 31, just two weeks before his murder. “He was pretty weakened, out of shape and in pain, and unable to protect himself,” she explained. She obviously got him at his weakest moment.”

If Glenna Duram is convicted on the homicide and felony firearms charges, the maximum penalty is life in prison without parole.

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