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Kent County Sheriff Dept. gives out awards

The Kent County Sheriff Department gave out its annual awards to department personnel last week. Among them were individual awards for deputy of the year—law enforcement, deputy of the year—correctons, and civilian employee of the year.

Deputy Timothy Erhardt

2011 deputy of the year—law enforcement  


Deputy Timothy Erhardt


It is with great pleasure that the Kent County Sheriff Department names Deputy Timothy Erhardt the 2011 Deputy of the Year.

Tim began his career on May 10, 1999 at the Kent County Sheriff Department as a County Patrol Officer, providing services to the residents of Kent County by enforcing laws and traffic regulations, investigating crime, and utilizing crime prevention techniques.

Deputy Erhardt has been assigned to the Secondary Road Patrol Unit for over 10  years. He has worked traffic enforcement on almost every secondary road in the County and educated the motoring public on the benefits of safe driving. He has investigated hundreds of serious and fatal crashes throughout his tenure as a 416 officer.

Throughout his career, Deputy Erhardt served as a member of the Kent County Honor Guard, participated in dignitary motorcades (including President George W. Bush), was named 2009 Secondary Road Patrol Deputy of the Year, and received the 2010 Community Policing Association of Michigan’s Special Project in the Field of Crime Prevention Award.

Deputy Erhardt spearheaded Kent County’s Distracted Driver Awareness Program in 2007 and has since spoken with thousands of high school students and staff, earning him the 2011 Governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Commission Award for traffic safety. Deputy Erhardt has also been instrumental in launching the same program in Ottawa and Barry Counties.

Deputy Erhardt’s constant commitment to his profession is overwhelming evidence of his dedication, teamwork philosophy, and enthusiasm for his patrols, investigations, and willingness to help others.

Deputy Donna Brown

2011 Deputy of the year—corrections 


Deputy Donna Brown


It is with great pleasure the Kent County Sheriff Department name Deputy Donna Brown the 2011 Deputy of the Year—Corrections.

Donna began her career on July 20, 1998 at the Kent County Sheriff Department as a Corrections Officer. While assigned to the main jail facility, Donna worked virtually every duty station. Her responsibilities included conducting inmate searches, transfers and investigations regarding alleged incidents, admitting visitors, conducting inmate counts, inspecting living quarters, and assisting in the Inmate Services Program.

Donna brought management experience from a previous job and quickly became someone you could count on to do the job right. She is a leader among her peers, well liked and respected. Donna’s strong work ethic and communication skills assisted her in becoming a classification officer in 2003 and she continues in this job assignment today.

As Classification Officer, Deputy Brown conducted more than 5,500 inmate moves within the facility and conducted 970 face to face interviews during 2011.  It is easy to get complacent and cut corners when interviewing and making this many decisions, but that is not the case with Deputy Brown. Her interviews are detailed and she makes good judgment in her decisions on inmate housing assignments. Her sound decision making is vital to the Sheriff Department interests as well as the County of Kent’s.

Deputy Brown attended several training seminars on gangs.  She interviews and identifies inmates involved in gang activities. She has been able to gather information on activity occurring within the facility as well as on the street. This information assisted local agencies on a variety of crimes including but not limited to murder, armed robberies, and drug related offenses.

Deputy Brown’s commitment to doing her very best and going above and beyond makes our facility and community a safer place.

2011 Civilian employee of the year


Brett Hulliberger


It is with great pleasure that the Kent County Sheriff Department name Brett Hulliberger as 2011 Civilian Employee of the Year.

Brett began his career at the Kent County Sheriff Department on October 12, 1998 as a part time Emergency Communications Operator in the Dispatch Center. On January 4, 1999, he was hired full time. His duties include receiving and processing emergency calls, dispatching equipment or personnel, maintaining two-way radio communication for police, fire or other departments, and serving as a Communication Training Officer (CTO). As CTO, he has had a part of training the majority of the current Dispatch staff.

On November 29, 2010, Brett was promoted to Emergency Communications Supervisor I, a technical lead position providing work direction for operators engaged in responsible public safety communications and dispatching.

When dealing with a variety of calls including emergency situations, Brett maintains a level head and calm demeanor and goes the extra mile when assisting the needs of the public. He has great social skills and works well with everyone. Brett is knowledgeable in the many different computer systems that Kent County has and he plays an integral part in the implementing and training of the new CAD system.

In 2007 and 2010, Brett was recognized with Letters of Recognition awarded for services characterized by outstanding ability, alertness and devotion to duty.

In 2011, Brett stepped up to assist the Records Bureau clerks learn the warrant entry process. He was always considerate and very patient in his teachings. Brett went so far as to compile a “warrant book” including samples and instructions for the many different kinds of warrants.

Brett provides valuable input and leadership as the Kent County Sheriff Office continues to move forward with new technology. He comes to work each day prepared and with an exceptional attitude that consists of compassion, patience, commitment, and competency.




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