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Post for sale on Ebay

The owner of The Post is looking to retire from the newspaper business and hoping to do so with big bucks. “I’m hoping to find someone who really wants to own and run a newspaper,” said publisher Lois Allen who has owned and operated the local newspaper for nearly 30 years. “I’m really tired,” said Allen. 

According to Allen, posting it [The Post] on Ebay opens up the sale to anyone, anywhere. “I’m hoping to get the interest of a couple millionaires and possibly start a bidding war.” She continued, “Maybe it could be someone like Bill Gates or even Donald Trump. He [Trump] could make sure all the news was real—no fake news.” 

“You never know with an auction. Maybe some lucky sucker will win a newspaper for a buck!” said Allen.

The paper would come complete with four employees and an office cat. “It’s easy,” she continued. “Everything is set up and operational. You just have to make sure to make enough [money] at the end of the week to cover payroll, printing, insurance, rent and some other stuff,” Allen said. “It’s like a weekly fundraiser. You have a whole week to make a profit or lose it.”

The new publisher could keep the paper here in Cedar Springs or move it to wherever they wanted. Of course, the name would change from The Cedar Springs Post. It could be called The Gates Post or maybe the Trump Twitter. It would be totally up to them.

Bidding starts at just one dollar with no reserve. The building is not included but would be available to rent or lease. The winning bidder would get all the equipment, an editor, graphic designer, office manager, sales person and the office cat, all who will be looking for a job and available to start immediately at the time of sale. (Cause we can’t sell people, you will have to “rent” them.)

“It’s been 30 years of not boring,” claims Allen. She continued, “I would like to make enough to take a trip to a place where there is a beach and I could sip on pina coladas from noon until about dusk.”

“Mostly, it would be nice to just relax with no deadlines!”

The listing will be on Ebay and the auction will begin on April 1st, 2018. Happy bidding!

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