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My apologies: It was brought to my attention at the April Council Meeting, that I needed to apologize to others for my private e-mail sent to Patricia Troost, which was read by a citizen of our community at the public forum. I had thought that an earlier e-mail apology to Patricia was received by her in good truth and that my mistake in judgement had been forgiven. It was never my intention that this e-mail would be made public and ultimately involve hurt feelings to those who were mentioned in the e-mail.

Therefore, I am asking that those involved please forgive my mistake in judgement.


Bob Truesdale, 

Cedar Springs City Council

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E-mail addresses

Due to a problem with our internet service provider, a few of our email addresses are no longer active: postads@charter.net, postnews@charter.net, and any other email address ending in “charter.net” no longer exist. Instead, please use design@cedarspringspost.com for ads, news@cedarspringspost.com for news, and sales@cedarspringspost.com for communication with a sales representative.

For a complete list of email addresses click on the “about us” tab at the top of this page.

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