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FFA concludes a busy summer 

By Chloe Boomgaard

Summer has gone especially fast for the Cedar Springs FFA this summer. It all began when the High school FFA officer team had the chance to attend the State Leadership Conference for Chapter Officers (SLCCO) in Lansing on July 9 and 10. The eight members of the officer team attending include Dylan McConnon, Olivia Martinek, Chloe Boomgaard, Carly Dunham, Angel Shears, Trevor Marsman, Jared Smith,and Mr.Reyburn. These students had the opportunity while at the conference to attend three different sessions that were themed with different points of leadership: how to set goals, how to work as a team to achieve goals, and communication skills that will help the officers step up to the plate and become the best leaders possible.

Just days after returning from SLCCO, a group of FFA members returned to the MSU campus. The group included Alyssa Marshall, Dylan McConnon, Alyssa Roelofs, Axel Anderson and Trevor Marsman, and coaches Brent Willett and Cade Hall. They had the chance to participate in a Livestock Judging competition on July 12. They spent many countless hours practicing and going to fairs to practice judging livestock being shown by other people. The team put all they had into the competition and placed 11 out of 27 different teams. Great job team! 

The land lab work began with Wayne and Trevor Marsman planting the corn in the field by the high school and Dylan McConnon spreading the fertilizer on the field. Dave Dunaven and Steve Smitz helped the FFA by tilling and planting the soybeans and making sure that everything was set in order to have a great crop this season. Jerad Smith and Dylan McConnon applied herbicides to both of the fields. Along with this great group of people we had Jake Gebhardt, who helped both groups of people to prepare the field for planting. 

Dylan McConnon and Tyler Schoen represented the FFA and Cedar Springs well in the state tractor driving contest. Dylan finished in first place,and Tyler followed behind in fifth place. Many of the chapters members participated in the showing of live stock at the Kent County Youth Fair while other officers worked a booth selling meat sticks, maple syrup, and work gloves along with running the Agricultural Adventure barn to help younger kids learn about the many areas of agriculture. The barn was not only run by the Cedar Springs chapter but the Lowell and Caledonia chapters as well. All student entering the High school and returning high schoolers keep a lookout for the FFA at orientation with some games for everyone to enjoy. 

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FFA Leaders Take charge

Cedar Springs FFA officers worked on their leadership skills at The Shack on April 24-25. Courtesy photo.

From the Cedar Springs FFA


The 2017-2018 school year is coming to a close and our new officers are taking a large step towards leadership. On April 24 and 25, the newly elected officers went to The Shack in White Cloud to learn how to become better leaders of the Cedar Spring FFA Chapter: President Dylan McConnon, Vice President Olivia Martinek, Secretary Carly Dunham, Treasurer Angle Shears, Reporter Chloe Boomgaard, Sentinel Trevor Marsman, and Advisor Mr. Reyburn. 

Cedar Springs FFA entered a team of three students in the forestry competitionand they took 3rd in the state—Dylan McConnon, Logan Guerrero, and Trevor Marsman. Courtesy photo.

These six students spent the day learning and communicating with a large group of students from the other chapters in Region 5 and working on many different skills that needed to be perfected. Each student went to three different break-out sessions. Some of them were ways to become a better public speaker, learning how to create the chapter scrapbook, setting up a meeting room, how to keep a track of the amount of money leaving the chapter, time management, and fundraising ideas. As the officers mingled with the other chapter officers they got to hear about the many different things that take place in the surrounding chapters. Many of these leadership skills are the skills that are going to help all of these students not only be leaders of the FFA but are going to help them when it comes their futures. 

Along with these students they had 8 students who participated in the spring skills contests this year. These students spent many hours after school practicing, learning, and perfecting these skills. The FFA had a team compete in the forestry contest. The team consisted of three students: Dylan McConnon,Logan Guerrero, and Trevor Marsman. There were 47 teams that participated in the forestry contest. These boys placed 3rd in the state they were only 14 points behind the team that took first place. Congratulations Dylan, Logan, and Trevor! 

They also had a team compete in veterinary science. The four girls on this team were Alyssa Marshall, Cecelia Brandt, Emily Nowak, and Taryn Troupe. Out of 136 teams from around the state they received 45th place.Congratulations girls, you all did great. Evan Young participated in the Ag. Mechanics contest. Each of these students put their best effort into these contests to receive the scores they did and they all did a great job. Congratulations to all of the students that participated in these activities.  


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FFA week gains new meaning

The Cedar Springs FFA Group that competed at the regional level. Pictured from L to R:  Mr. Reyburn, Kaitlin Rounds, Diane Howe, Evan Young, Mykenzie Gage, Cecelia Brandt, Madison Strain, and Tanner Anderson.

The Cedar Springs FFA Group that competed at the regional level. Pictured from L to R: Mr. Reyburn, Kaitlin Rounds, Diane Howe, Evan Young, Mykenzie Gage, Cecelia Brandt, Madison Strain, and Tanner Anderson.

by Madison Strain

As National FFA Week approached, the Cedar Springs FFA sought new ideas to celebrate. This year, the chapter chose to raise money for a local family in their community.

National FFA Week ran February 18 -25. The chapter extended a few of their events outside of FFA Week to raise money: a silent auction, a movie night at Kent Theatre, and a dinner at Culver’s. The silent auction was held at both Tractor Supply and Family Farm and Home in Cedar Springs. Many businesses participated by donating items or services for the auction. At Cedar Springs High School, the students participated in a Kiss the Piglet Coin Drive. Any teacher who wanted to take part in the event received a pig container, which held the change students dropped off throughout the week. The top five teachers with the most money will kiss a piglet on video; this video will later be shown to the entire school.

The community also took part in a movie night at the Kent Theatre. Miracles from Heaven—a touching story about a little girl who was cured of a disorder after a terrible accident occurred—brought many community members out in support. Dinner at Culver’s allowed students to “work” for one night to raise extra money for the Ricker family; 10 percent of the evening’s profit will be given to them.

Many students and community members came out to support the fundraisers. Instead of hosting events to promote FFA, the club decided to take a more meaningful opportunity to help a family in their community. Cedar Springs is a wonderful place to live and serve.

Many of the same members who took part in FFA Week also participated in leadership contests a few weeks prior. Leadership contest were held at Beal City; the chapter was very proud of their participants. The results are the following: Ag. Issues-2nd place, Cecelia Brandt, Tanner Anderson, and Evan Young. Demonstration-2nd place, Diane Howe, Mykenzie Gage, and Kaitlin Rounds. Demonstration-4th place, Adam Parker and Cade Hall. Job Interview-6th place, Jeff Davis. Job Interview-7th place, Dylan McConnon. Public Speaking-1st place, Madison Strain. Public Speaking-5th place, Nathan Schoen. Congratulations to Madison, Evan, Cecelia, Kaitlin, Tanner, Diane, and Mykenzie for moving on to Regional contests. Regardless of the results, each member put in hard work and bettered their skills by getting involved.

Now that leadership contests are over, the chapter is shifting their focus to Spring skills contests. they currently have a Livestock Judging team and a Forestry team. The FFA chapter has been busy serving their community while learning lifelong skills along the way. Thank you to the community members, businesses, and alumni for their endless support.

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